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Compliance Resources

PI 26- Resources and Guidance 

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A PI 26 plan should be incorporated into a district’s overall strategic plan.  Components and possible resources to assist in the completion of the plan are included below.

How can you communicate your ACP plan to implement, the progress goals, and how students are being impacted by ACP in your district? Click here for more help on thinking through your ACP plan.

Determining Labor Market Needs 

There are many resources to help guide you through understanding local labor market needs and education/training to feel these needs.

Family Engagement 

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When completing an ACP plan, it is crucial to involve families as partners on programs affecting their kids.

Available CTE Programs

This list provides a look into existing CTE programs to help support your ACP planning efforts.

Engaging Partners

It's important to strategize ways to engage with business leaders, postsecondary education, and workforce development to develop your ACP plan.

High School Transcripts

The high school transcript can play an important role in assisting student access to postsecondary programs, credits, and employment. PI 26.04 requires school boards to indicate on a pupil's transcript the name of each course completed by the pupil, the number of high school credits earned for each course, whether a course is eligible for postsecondary credit, and, if applicable, a course's participating postsecondary institution. The below resources are meant to aid school districts in meeting these requirements.