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Career Cruising in Wisconsin

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ACP State Software

Career Cruising is a self-exploration and college/career planning software program that helps people of all ages explore and plan for school, career, and life. Through an account provided by the school, students can use Career Cruising to take career-related assessments, explore online career and college profiles, and get information about financial aid and employment.  School districts must provide an electronic exploration and portfolio tool for ACP delivery.  Career Cruising is the current tool that Wisconsin has procured for that purpose. 
Inspire is a supplementary web-based tool, accessed through a student’s ACP Career Cruising/Xello account.  The Inspire addition to the Career Cruising system provides a customized information-sharing and resource-gathering environment where students can connect directly to regional employers to:
  • Learn about companies that offer jobs and careers in their area of interest
  • Participate in career discussions with an online career coach from that company
  • Further interact with that company by participating in other career learning experiences, such as job-shadowing, internships, company tours, and summer employment
The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) is managing and deploying Inspire statewide out of the Regional Economic Development Organizations. As Inspire deploys this year, training to school districts for using Inspire will occur through the Spring 2018 CESA ACP Career Cruising Trainings. Inspire Tab will be visible in student Career Cruising accounts AFTER the region reaches a minimum number and variety of employer profiles AND the school district has been trained and planned for its use of the Inspire connection. Click here for Training Dates & Registration
ACP and Inspire vendor, Career Cruising, is transitioning globally to their new version, rebranding their product, and now doing business as (dba) Xello. The Career Cruising version is, and remains, the ACP software platform, supported by DPI, in place in Wisconsin schools. The Xello version is not currently fully functional, and it does not currently include access to some of the most important features schools have come to rely on: Course Planner, E- Transcripts, and Inspire. Wisconsin will not transition to the Xello version until full functionality in the new version is realized. DPI, through its current vendor contract, will continue to provide the connection to Career Cruising, as well as, provide training on Xello once that version is fully functional.

Career Cruising Use 

For more information on the ACP with Career Cruising features, click here.

Developing an ACP Scope & Sequence:


CAUTION: Deployment of the software in a district does NOT mean that your district is ready to use it with students for ACP service delivery. Training from Career Cruising and your District ACP Team staff is vital to understanding the use of the features, functions, and fields for ACP delivery in your district. Furthermore, using the ACP software alone does not meet all of the requirements of ACP. The focus of ACP should be on the process to build relationships that inform, support, and mentor students through activities and experiences using a software tool that help them to plan for their educational, training, and career goals.

DPI highly recommends that:

  1. The district’s ACP Team prepares and plans for ACP implementation using the tools provided at:
  2. Click HERE to view free Career Cruising webinars on the software and/or specific features.
  3. The district designates at least one staff person to be the software lead.
  4. The district designated software lead(s) attend in-person or virtual training on use of the software. Link to TRAINING Offerings.
  5. District lead(s) will work with the district ACP Team to determine how to best fold in the use of the software tool within their ACP delivery system.
  • Lisa Kardish, Wisconsin Educational Sales Consultant: works with schools and districts from Kindergarten to grade 5 + Method Test Prep Module
  • Dedicated Wisconsin Client Support Team: works with Districts and Schools
  • Leo Abramoff, Wisconsin State Success Manager: works with DPI
  • Alex Knoll, Training Coordinator: works with Wisconsin State Success Manager, DPI and CESAs to coordinate the on-site state training sessions – these will be announced throughout the year when available
For questions about this information, contact Tahira Chaudary (608) 267-3161