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E-Mail Chrono

Occasionally, district administrators, as a group, will receive high priority or time sensitive e‑mails from State Superintendent Tony Evers or Deputy State Superintendent Mike Thompson. This page contains a chronological listing of those e-mails and attachments, if any.

Adoption of Standards for Theatre

Dear District Administrators and CESA Administrators, State Superintendent has adopted new Wisconsin Standards for Theatre. These academic standards...

Personal Electronic Computing Device Grant - Upcoming Webinar

Dear District Administrator, Webinar: Personal Electronic Computing Device grant, December 18 from 1:00 - 2:00 The application for the 2018-2019...

Preliminary Joint Federal Notification Packets - EMBARGOED

Dear District Administrator, As outlined last month, your preliminary joint federal notification packets are available today in SAFE. What’s in...

Public Hearing Notice - PI 40

Dear District Administrators, Please see the following Public Hearing Notice: PI 40 - Early College Credit Program

DWD Grant (Expanded Wisconsin Fast Forward Teacher Development)

Dear District Administrators, The Department of Workforce Development (DWD) notified the department on November 21 that the application window for...

Preparing for Preliminary Federal Notifications

Dear Colleague, Next month, via SAFE (Secure Access File Exchange), we will provide a preliminary joint federal notification packet. And, we’ll...

2017-18 Public Accountability Report Cards

Dear District Administrators and Choice School Administrators Today, public versions of the 2017-18 Accountability Report Cards for schools and...

Updated secure preliminary report cards available in SAFE – EMBARGOED

Dear District Administrators and Choice School Administrators, In preparation for Tuesday’s public release of final 2017-18 Accountability Report...

Upcoming Snapshots for Accountability Reporting and Aid Calculations

Dear District Administrators, This email is to alert you about the upcoming December 4 snapshot for data submitted through WISEdata. Once the...

Secure Preliminary Report Cards in SAFE

Dear District and Choice School Administrators, This email is to notify you that Secure Preliminary Accountability Report Cards for schools and...