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Wisconsin Educator Staffing Data School District Survey

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

District Administrators:

​The Wisconsin Professional Standards Council (PSC), an appointed advisory group to the state superintendent, is developing a statewide strategic plan to address Wisconsin educator shortages. The PSC is working in partnership with the Association of Wisconsin School Administrators (AWSA) and the Wisconsin Association of School District Administrators (WASDA) on this effort. We are in need of your valuable feedback completing this survey in order to develop a plan that meets our state needs.

The survey will gather information on the licensure areas that were difficult to staff in your district for the 2015-16 school year, and the methods you used to fill the hard-to-staff positions. Additionally, the survey will ask for some quick responses to what your district is doing to attract, prepare, recruit, and retain teachers, pupil services professionals, and administrators.

We are seeking one survey response from each district. The survey will be open from April 19, 2016, until May 2, 2016. You can save your answers and come back to the survey as often as needed.  

The link you will use to complete and submit your electronic survey is individualized and can be accessed through the e-mail from Mike Thompson.

Here is a link to a PDF hard copy of the survey for your reference .

The survey data will be followed up by regional meetings across the state occurring in May to review these data and suggest recommendations for the PSC statewide strategic plan. Information on these half-day regional meetings will be posted at our Wisconsin Talent Development Framework website.

Thank you in advance for your contributions to this project as it is important that we get this information from all districts in the state. We look forward to working together to address our Wisconsin educator workforce needs.

If you have questions regarding the content of this survey, contact Tammy Huth at or 608.266.0986.

If you have technical questions about the survey, contact Kathy Addie at or 608.266.3958.