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ACT Data and Results

ACT Student Level Report

Sample Student Report

Online Scores
  • Students who participate in State and District Testing and receive college-reportable scores on the ACT may view their scores and score report on a free ACT student web account.
  • Scores are available one week after examinee receives the printed score report in the mail.
  • Students logon to The ACT Student Web Account and create an account using the information found on their paper report.
  • Questions may be directed to ACT Contact Us,, or ACT Student Services at (319) 337-1270.

ACT College Reporting

Student College Reports

Sending scores to colleges
  • Scores are sent to 4 colleges based on the student’s completion of that section of their answer document prior to testing.
  • If students want to send scores to more than 4 colleges, they can logon to The ACT Test for Students webpage and use the ACT ID from the score report to create a web account (unless they have already created one from previous participation in a national ACT test date).
  • More information can be found on the ACT Your Scores and ACT Send Your Scores page