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Aspire Early High School Data and Results

ACT Aspire Portal

ACT Aspire Summative Reports are available in the Aspire Portal.

How to Access Your Summative Reports (webinar)

Individual Student Reports (ISRs) can be downloaded and sent to students and families.

ACT Aspire Reporting Resources Landing Page

Additional reporting resources can be downloaded from the Wisconsin Aspire Avocet:

Spanish Translation

WISEdash Portal

Spring 2016 ACT Aspire results are available in the WISEdash private portal for districts. These data contain personally identifiable student information and should not be shared outside of a school or district setting without ensuring that FERPA data security requirements are met. If you have questions, please submit a WISEdash Help Ticket.

For more details, please see "About the Aspire data" WISEdash webpage.



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