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English Learner Supports for The ACT

English Learner (EL) Accessibility

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Accommodations and supports are practices and procedures that provide equitable access to grade-level content. They are intended to reduce or eliminate the effects of a student’s disability or level of language acquisition; they do not reduce learning expectations. The accommodations or supports provided to a student must be consistent with classroom instruction, classroom assessments, and district and state assessments. It is important to note that while some accommodations or supports may be appropriate for instructional use, they may not be appropriate for use on a standardized assessment because of what the test is intending to measure.

What You Need to Know About English Learner Supports for the ACT Test (translations available in document)

Allowable EL Supports

These supports may be used in conjunction with any other ACT-approved accommodations. Schools apply for these supports using the Test Accessibility and Accommodations (TAA) system.

EL Supports Forms

Consent to Release Information to ACT form

Teacher Survey Form - A teacher at the examinee’s school may complete this form as supporting documentation to be uploaded in TAA. It asks for specific ways in which the examinee used accommodations in their class.

Exceptions Statement Form - Examinees who do not currently have an official accommodations plan, EL support plan, IEP, or 504 plan can submit the Exceptions Statement Form to support their request.