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ACT Aspire Supports for English Learners

English Learner Accessibility

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Accommodations and supports are practices and procedures that provide equitable access to grade-level content. They are intended to reduce or eliminate the effects of a student’s disability or level of language acquisition; they do not reduce learning expectations. The accommodations or supports provided to a student must be consistent with classroom instruction, classroom assessments, and district and state assessments. It is important to note that while some accommodations or supports may be appropriate for instructional use, they may not be appropriate for use on a standardized assessment because of what the test is intending to measure.
  • All student responses must be in English for the Aspire assessment . 
Please refer to the ACT Aspire Accessibility User's Guide for complete Aspire accessibility information. 

Allowable EL Supports

The following accessibility supports are available to EL students (in addition to the default embedded system tools and open access tools available to all users):

Translated Test Directions

  • All subject areas.
  • Spanish language test directions for the online summative test are available in digital audio.
  • English test directions may be translated locally into languages other than Spanish; however, all locally provided translation of directions must be prepared in writing ahead of time and based precisely as possible on the standard English directions.
  • Translation on-the-fly is not permitted.

    Word to Word Dictionary

    • Mathematics, Science and Writing tests only.
    • Word-to-word dictionaries may not be used during the Reading or English tests.
    • Only ACT-approved non-electronic bilingual word-to-word dictionaries are allowed.
    • Extra time is strongly recommended with this support but it is not automatically assigned in the portal. Extra time must be manually selected in the PNP. Students are not required to site for the entire extended time period.

    Text-to-Speech (Spanish Audio) item translation

    • Mathematics, Science and Writing tests only.
    • Items presented in North American Spanish language test with Spanish audio read-aloud option.
    • Writing prompt presented in English and Spanish text side-by-side on screen.
    • All student responses must be in English.
    • Includes 300% extra time automatically. Students are not required to sit for the entire extended time period.
    • Complete an audio check prior to starting the test.