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ACT Aspire Data and Results

About the Data

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The ACT Aspire assesses students at grades 9 and 10 students. ACT Aspire assesses student readiness in English, mathematics, reading, science, and writing and is linked to ACT College Readiness Benchmarks. ACT Aspire results are reported on a 3-digit score scale and are compared to ACT Benchmarks to determine whether students are on track to meet college-ready benchmarks. Students that are reported as “Exceeding” or “Ready” have met the ACT Readiness Benchmark for a subject while students that are reported as “Close” or “In Need of Support” have not met the ACT Readiness Benchmark for a subject. 3-digit scores are also reported for an overall composite score (average of the English, reading, mathematics and science scores), an English language arts (ELA) score (average of the English, reading and writing scores) and STEM score (average of the mathematics and science scores).

Aspire Exam Data Availability

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Individual Student Reports (ISRs) and summary reports will be available electronically in the Aspire PAnext Portal in early July.

State testing data will be released publicly in WISEdash in the Fall.

WISEdash Portal

ACT Aspire results are available in the WISEdash private portal for districts. These data contain personally identifiable student information and should not be shared outside of a school or district setting without ensuring that FERPA data security requirements are met. If you have questions, please submit a WISEdash Help Ticket.

For more details, please see "About the Aspire data" WISEdash webpage.


Note that no single test can tell us whether students have learned everything that is important for students to learn. Additional local evidence should be reviewed for a more complete picture of student learning.