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Connectivity Programs


Lifeline. The FCC’s Lifeline program provides millions of families with discounted monthly telephone service. On March 31, 2016, the FCC voted to modernize the program to include broadband access. For the first time, Lifeline will support stand-alone broadband service as well as bundled voice and data service packages to help provide low-income Americans with access. In addition, for the first time, Lifeline has an option to purchase for an entire building. Plus, the FCC is developing a Digital Inclusion Plan.


EveryoneOn helps bring low-cost internet service and affordable devices to those who need it. EveryoneOn works with a wide range of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and device providers to feature their low-cost solutions on our platform. To try EveryoneOn's dicount finder click here

National Collaborative for Digital Equity (NCDE)

National Collaborative for Digital Equity (NCDE) works to eliminate the digital divide as a barrier to economic and educational opportunity. Specifically, they work to assist learners to develop the skills for lifelong learning and living wage career opportunity by supporting the use of Community Reinvestment Act funding for digital equity.

Mobile Beacon

Mobile Beacon provides 4G LTE internet service, technology grants, and device donation programs to schools, libraries, and nonprofits. By significantly lowering the cost of mobile broadband access, schools and other anchor institutions have been able to create hotspot lending programs, deploy WiFi on school buses, and enable anytime/anywhere access with uncapped data plans to support learning on and off campus. Recent research papers are available to provide more information about how this service has benefited schools as well as students and their families previously on the wrong side of the digital divide.