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Home Digital Access Map User Guide

Home Digital Access Mapping Tool Guide

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This guide is intended for end users to refer to after a district has performed the setup to enable the Home Digital Access mapping tool. If you have not completed these steps, refer to the Home Digital Access Mapping Tool Guidance page and perform all of the setup steps outlined there before continuing.

As part of our efforts to bridge the digital equity gap in Wisconsin, DPI has partnered with EducationSuperHighway to offer school districts in Wisconsin maps that help visualize student connectivity data. District users can refer to this mapping tool to identify unconnected households and help find internet service provider options. Please note that this mapping tool is available only to public school districts at this time.

If your district is set up to use the Home Digital Access mapping tool by sending digital equity data to DPI, you can get started using the tool by following this brief guide.

Accessing and Using the Home Digital Access Mapping Tool

Request Access to the Home Digital Access Map

Your district security administrator (DSA) might have already granted you access to the Home Digital Access map. If this is the case, you should have received an email letting you know that you've been given access. You will also see the DigitalBridgeK-12 application listed for you in WISEhome.

If you do not already have access, you can request access in WISEhome. To do so:

1. Log into WISEhome.

2. In WISEhome, go to the Request Access tab at the top of the screen.

Request Access in WISEhome

3. On the Customer Request Access form, fill out the required fields, including your district, which schools within that district you need access for and your job title. In the Applications field, enter DigitalBridgeK-12. You can also include Comments to explain why you need access. Once you fill out the form, click Request Access.

Customer request access form

4. Once you’ve submitted an access request, you can check the status of your request by going to the App Request Status page. You will also receive an email from WISEsecure once your DSA has granted your access request. Please note that it can take 24 to 48 hours to gain access to the mapping tool after your access request has been granted.

Log In and Use the Home Digital Access Map

Once you have access to the tool, you can open the map through WISEhome. To do so:

1. Log into WISEhome.

2. In WISEhome, open the DigitalBridgeK-12 application.

image of link to Digital Bridge K-12 in WISEhome

3. Clicking the DigitalBridgeK-12 link takes you to the DigitalBridgeK-12 home page. On that page, under Create Account, click Log In.

image of the Digital Bridge K-12 home screen

4. On the Welcome screen, click Log in with Google and log in using your district Google account.

image showing how to log in to Digital Bridge K-12 with a Google account

Once you're logged in, you can begin browsing your district's Digital Bridge K-12 map of internet connectivity and availability. For instruction on how to use the mapping tool in more detail, refer to the Home Digital Access map website.