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Internet Access at Home Survey

Digital Equity Outreach Month

In September, Wisconsin DPI is launching Digital Equity Outreach Month as part of a nationwide effort to address the pressing equity gap faced by children and schools.

We are encouraging districts to take action by assembling a team, creating a plan, and connecting directly with families you haven’t been able to reach previously.  

Our hope is that you will come out of Digital Equity Outreach Month with a more complete picture of home access needs and can share the data with DPI so that we can support you with finding the best connectivity options available through the CESA Purchasing Digital Bridge.

Student Information System Data Submission

State SIS vendors understand the importance of collecting this data. Contact your student information system vendor to receive an update on adding these fields and reporting this information through your SIS via the WISEData Ed-Fi API.

Customized English/Spanish Qualtrics Survey Link

Wisconsin DPI has created a complete survey tool kit for districts that do not have another data collection option. Fill out this form to receive a unique survey link for your district.

Create a Customized Survey

Six common questions to use with a customized survey.

Question 1: Can the student access the internet on their primary learning device at home?

  • Yes
  • No - Not Available
  • No - Not Affordable
  • No - Other

Question 2: What is the primary type of internet service used at the residence?

  • Residential Broadband (e.g. DSL, Cable, Fiber)
  • Cellular Network
  • School Provided HotSpot
  • Satellite
  • Dial-up
  • Other
  • None

Question 3: Can the student stream a video on their primary learning device without interruption?

  • Yes - No issues
  • Yes - But not consistent
  • No

Question 4: What device does the student most often use to complete school work at home?

  • Desktop/Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Chromebook
  • SmartPhone
  • None
  • Other

Question 5 & 6: Is the primary learning device a personal device or school-provided? Is the primary learning device shared with anyone else in the household?

  • Personal - Dedicated (dedicated device for the student)
  • Personal - Shared (sharing device with others in the household)
  • School Provided - Dedicated
  • School Provided - Shared
  • None
For questions about this information, contact Rachel Schemelin (608) 266-5190