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Teleconferencing Offers


To support learning from home during school closures, and communication for libraries, several teleconferencing vendors have made services available for schools for no cost.  Provided for your research is a list of current offers. DPI does not endorse any of the vendor digital technology tools listed. There are a variety of teleconferencing tools with similar functionality available to districts to adopt.

  • Microsoft Teams
    Teams is part of Office 365.  First your school or district must sign up (a job for your IT department); then individuals within your school or district can sign up.
  • Cisco WebEx
    WebEx's free account has been upgraded to unlimited usage and up to 100 participants on calls, "during this unprecedented time." 
  • Zoom
    Zoom offers a free version of its service that limits sessions to 40 minutes.  They are "temporarily lifting" this limit for K-12s.
  • ClassDojo
    ClassDojo is a set of free remote learning tools, but not teleconferencing.