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Family Engagement

Students wearing masks and doing schoolwork outdoors

Family Engagement

Many families and care takers are continuing to work from home or have experienced loss of work altogether, some while still providing key support for their children’s virtual learning. The continued stress of the pandemics continues to grow. In order for families to continue to guide and support their children, districts and schools will need to continue to strengthen communication, support, and access to the adults working with children at home.

Family Guides

Learning occurs beyond the school walls. To support families with understanding grade-level expectations, refer to the following family guides:

Guiding Questions 

  • How will you partner with families to understand how their students learn and any areas of need?
  • What district resources/services will you provide in order to support families with at home learning during summer learning? With what frequency will teachers be expected to connect with every child’s family during summer learning?
  • What forms of communication, proven to be successful with families, will you continue to use to inform and guide families before, during and after summer learning? What might you need to add/modify? What key district and school staff will be charged with these tasks? How will communication be coordinated to make information manageable for all families?
  • How will you work with community organizations to secure resources/services for families during summer learning?
  • How will in-district parent organizations mobilize to support families with communication, problem solving, and access to district and community services during summer learning?
  • In what ways might families be acknowledged, thanked and appreciated for their work and effort with at-home learning?
  • How will you assess the availability of devices and web access of students you serve? How will you address the gap in technology that still exists for students and families in preparation for summer learning?