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Professional Learning Landscape

Thursday, September 8, 2022

In Wisconsin there are a multitude of professional learning opportunities in which coaches can engage. Whether you are looking for self-directed learning, a professional development series or a chance to network with other coaches, Wisconsin has it!

Check out the landscape of professional learning opportunities for Wisconsin coaches.

Professional Learning Series

Wisconsin RtI Center Leadership and Coaching for Transformational Change: This five day training will be offered again this 22-23 academic year with two cohorts this fall and plans to run a fall and spring cohort for the 23-24 school year.

Class activities include presentation of theory, reading, discussion, group and partner work, modeling and demonstration, reflection, and practice and feedback. Sessions include the opportunity to coach peers, observe peer coaches, receive coaching from peers, and give and receive feedback.

Participants will enroll a coaching client and conduct a minimum of five coaching sessions outside of the class.

Impactful Coaching Academy: Whether your school has instructional coaches or you’re trying to build teacher leadership capacity, all staff desire and deserve coaching and feedback aligned to high expectations, standards, and research-based effective instructional practices. In this professional learning opportunity, participants will further develop the capacity to provide coaching and feedback for reflection.

Impactful Coaching Academy; Advancing your Skills: Educators and school leaders have many conversations in a day. These conversations often focused on teaching and learning, can have a significant impact on improvement efforts in a school as it relates to student achievement and engagement. Conversations that foster a positive educational environment and support the diverse cultural and learning needs of students and classroom problems of practice is the focus of this two-day offering.

This “refresher” will assist educators and school leaders in increasing already developing skills by engaging in coaching simulations that use targeted questioning and conversation strategies.

Self-Directed Learning

Listening Series: These short sessions will provide real-time, relevant and applicable uses of key tools and resources available to coaches and coaching systems of support (some of which are listed below). They will cover how the tools are used and their potential application. Find out more about the series in an article featured in this quarter’s newsletter.

Coaching Competency Practice Profile and Self-Assessment: Located on The Department of Public Instruction Coaching page, you will find the CCPP which defines coaching, allowing it to be teachable, learnable, doable, and replicable. After spending some time learning in the practice profile, consider taking the Coaching Self-Assessment and writing and individualized coaching goal.

Coaching Chronicles: Sign up for the Wisconsin Coaching Chronicles. Quarterly you will recieve an email which highlights stories about coaching tools being used in the field, districts and schools implementing coaching, coaching resources from the state and additional coaching resources. You haven’t signed up yet? Don’t worry! Every past article is housed on the site and can be searched using a tag system.

Interactive Coaching Modules (Coming Soon): Soon you will be able to take the results of your Coaching Self-Assessment and immediately use them to inform targeted, self-guided and interactive learning opportunities. These modules are intended to bring the CCPP to life with examples of real coaching scenarios and will allow the user to engage in short activities and journaling.

Networking Opportunities

CESA Coaching Networks: Many of Wisconsin’s CESAs offer opportunities for learning and networking to their coaches. Since each CESA approaches how they structure their networks in slightly different ways, reach out to your own CESA contact to get more information.

Headed to the State Superintendent’s Conference on Special Education & Pupil Services Leadership in October? Stop by the Wisconsin Coaching booth and chat with fellow coaches. Learn about the most recent coaching tools and resources and take a guided tour of the DPI Coach webpage. We look forward to seeing you there!

This list isn’t inclusive of all the learning opportunities for coaches. But, it provides a high level view of the landscape so you can start the year feeling equipped to make the most meaningful professional learning decisions for your coaching goals.

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