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Summer Reading List

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

What Are You Reading This Summer?

Below is a list of suggested reads from Coach Steven Mijajlovic. This article does not endorse one method or author over another, it simply acts to provide a variety of perspectives.

Hopefully summer will afford you a little time to not only read, but push the boundaries on your usual collection. Maybe you’ve saturated yourself reading text by educational coaches and are looking for something new. Coaching has been part of the business model for a long time and there are some great reading options from that realm as well. Good coaching is good coaching. Check out Steven’s reading recommendations below--two tomes are from the business coaching world and one from education.

The Impact Cycle - Jim Knight

I believe this is his most recent book. In The Impact Cycle, Knight discusses what ICs should be doing to foster best practices in teaching. There are numerous tools and checklists provided per chapter and several videos to go along with the reading.

The Coaching Habit - Michael Bungay Stanier (outside of K12 world)

This is a fast read and great resource from a business/executive perspective. His approach to coaching is "say less, ask more" and spends a chapter on his 7 essential questions to change the coaching conversation. Several of the questions (What else?, And what else?; What is the challenge for you?; What was most useful or most valuable here for you?) I use consistently in my practice and have experienced positive results.

What Got You Here Won't Get You There - Marshall Goldsmith (outside of K12 world)

This book does not quite fit with instructional coaches, but it does fit nicely for leaders in general. Goldsmith is one of the most sought after executive coaches and he addresses/discusses behaviors more than technical skills in this book. Throughout the book he examines several executives and what has led to their success (or failure) along with the behaviors. His mantra is along the lines of the best results can come from practicing basic behaviors like saying thank you, listening well, thinking before you speak, giving away all the credit, and apologizing for your mistakes.

Steven Mijajlovic is a Curriculum and Coaching Consultant with CESA 2. Steven comes to CESA 2 with ten years of experience in Mathematics and STEM across all grades. Steven taught mathematics in Chicago Public Schools and the suburbs for several years, and most recently was working as a STEM Curriculum and Instructional Coach in the Chicago suburbs. He has studied the coaching methods of Diane Sweeney, Elena Aguilar, and Jim Knight. Steven’s goal is to continue supporting and developing diverse learners in inclusive settings and improving student learning and success.

Steven earned his Master of Science in Education with a focus in Secondary Mathematics Education at Northwestern University. His research focused pushing student thinking through writing and discourse. Shortly after earning his MSEd, Steven earned a Graduate Certificate in STEM Learning and Leadership from Michigan State University. The MSU graduate fellowship was designed to empower STEM educators in urban K-12 schools to create transformative and innovative instructional experiences for students.

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