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Updated Wisconsin Coach Evaluation System

Thursday, December 15, 2022

If you are thinking to yourself, “Updated? I didn’t even know a Wisconsin Coach Evaluation System existed,” you may want to check out the Coaching Evaluation page on The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Coaching webpage before reading on.

How are coaches evaluated in your system? Historically, many districts have used the educator effectiveness system’s educator rubric. This system was designed for classroom educators, and while it is extremely robust, it doesn’t necessarily align to the expectations and job description of a coach. Hearing this disconnect from all corners of the state, a team convened to develop The Wisconsin Coach Evaluation System. This optional evaluation system is aligned to the Wisconsin Coaching Competency Practice Profile (CCPP) and, of course, to the roles of coaches.

When this evaluation system was released in 2019, many districts reached out and requested both the rubric and user-guide. Fast-forward one year. Having collected several years of feedback from coaches using the CCPP in the field, the practice profile underwent an extensive overhaul to become what we know and use today as version 3. In doing so, the original Wisconsin Coach Evaluation System had some alignment gaps but a team quickly went to work to update the rubric and user-guide.

Here’s the thing though, back when the first Wisconsin Coach Evaluation System was developed, many districts and buildings reached out to request the rubric and user-guide. Many of these districts/buildings have not requested the updated versions. It is the middle of the year, so depending on your systems and structures, it may make sense to finish out the year with whatever version of the rubric you are using. We highly recommend; however, that in planning ahead for next year, you request the updated rubric and user-guide. There is an entire new competency which focuses on Coaching with an Equity Mindset! If you’d like to know more about all the updates, consider accessing the article, “Updated Coaching Evaluation Tools”.

The best way to get your updated version is by visiting the Educator Effectiveness Help Center page. Once there, you will see a green box labeled, “Submit a Request”. In the “Description/Question/Message” section of the form simply write: “We would like the most recent version of the rubric and user manual for the Wisconsin Coach Evaluation System”.

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