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Wisconsin Instructional Coaching Collaborative

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Meets Coaching Competencies #1a #1c #6a

Written by Joseph Kanke in collaboration with Barb Novak

The DPI Coaching webpage was established to provide supports to all types of coaches whether they are coaching teams, leaders, systems or teachers. If you are an instructional coach, especially one who specializes in literacy or math, you should also check out the community and resources available at the Wisconsin Instructional Coaching Collaborative. According to their webpage, “[The Collaborative] aims to engage instructional coaches throughout Wisconsin in deepening their coaching practice and content knowledge - specifically literacy and mathematics content knowledge.”

On this page you have access to join three virtual Professional Learning Communities via Google Plus: Instructional Coaching Collaborative PLC, English Language Arts PLC and Mathematics PLC. The Instructional Coaching Collaborative discusses general topics of interest to instructional coaches. One recent post discusses how you can use Twitter to connect with other coaches to further your coaching craft. The other two PLCs are more content-focused.

Two other resources that are of interest to any coach are the Read it or Leave It and Equity Mini-Challenge pages. The Read it or Leave It page states, “[This is a] is space for instructional coaches to get an overview of articles, books, and other resources on current topics and concepts related to instructional coaching.” Each article is linked to an overview which includes a summary, related materials, application suggestions, and discussion questions. Currently, you can search for articles via a topic filter option.

The Equity Mini-Challenge page is designed to, “ increase your understanding with an engagement in striving for equitable teaching and learning through reflection, new learning, and application.” The most recent mini-challenge is titled, “Explore your Implicit Bias.” This challenge offers a definition of the term implicit bias and then asks that individuals watch a video with reflection questions and examine their own implicit biases via Harvard’s Project Implicit. This test has respondents respond to a series of images and terms with keystrokes as quickly as possible to determine where their individual biases lie.

The Wisconsin Collaborative Coaching page offers another invaluable opportunity for Wisconsin coaches to connect to resources and network. Take some time to explore it today.

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