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Library Media Planning

Computer IconThe Board of Commissioners of Public Lands does impeccable work managing these funds and districts receiving them are accountable for insuring that they are spent appropriately. Language in Wisconsin Statute 43.70(3) states that “appropriate records of such purchases shall be kept and necessary reports thereon shall be made to the state superintendent.” The Department of Public Instruction recommends that school districts make budgeting for Common School Funds a part of the long-range library planning specified in Wisconsin Administrative Code PI-8.01(2)(h)1.

The Future Ready Librarian framework, adopted as part of the State Superintendent's Wisconsin Digital Learning Plan, can be used as a guide for this integrated planning. It emphasizes these core concepts:

  • Insuring equitable access
  • Participating in collaborative leadership
  • Leading personalized professional development
  • Building instructional partnerships
  • Promoting digital citizenship and data privacy
  • Cultivating community partnerships
  • Teaching information literacy
  • Strategically investing in resources
  • Curating print and digital resources
  • Designing learning spaces to promote inquiry, creativity, and collaboration

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction's School Library Education Consultant, Monica Treptow, provides support to districts as they complete the library media plan components and budget documents related to the distribution of Common School Funds.