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Statutes and Administrative Rule

Statutes Relating the Distribution of the Common School Income Fund

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24.76 Common school fund. All moneys accruing to the state by virtue of article X, section 2, of the constitution, and all other moneys paid into the state treasury on account of the capital of the school fund, constitute the school fund. All of said fund, except that portion set apart for state universities by s. 24.80, having been found necessary for the support and maintenance of common schools in each school district, and the purchase of suitable libraries and apparatus therefor, is set apart for those objects and denominated the "Common School Fund" which is a separate and perpetual fund.

24.77 Common school fund income. The common school fund income is constituted of the interest derived from the common school fund and from unpaid balances of purchase money on sales of common school lands; and all other revenues derived from the common school lands; but the common school fund income and interest and revenues derived from the common school fund and from common school lands do not include expenses deducted from gross receipts permitted under ss. 24.04 (2), 24.53 and 24.62 (1).

24.78 Distribution of the common school fund income. Under article X, section 5, of the constitution the common school fund income shall be distributed to the school districts among the several towns, villages and cities of the state for the support of common schools therein, as provided in s. 43.70.

43.70(1)  Common school fund. No later than October 15 of each year, each school district administrator shall certify to the state superintendent, on forms provided by the state superintendent, a report of the number of persons residing in the school district on the preceding June 30, as reported under s. 120.18 (1) (a). See s. 120.18 (1) (a).

43.70(2)  Common school fund. Annually by January 10, the state superintendent shall apportion the amount that is estimated to be appropriated under s. 20.255 (2) (s) in the current school year to the school districts in proportion to the number of persons resident therein, as shown by the report certified under sub. (1). 

43.70(3)  Common school fund. Immediately upon making such apportionment, the state superintendent shall certify to the department of administration the estimated amount that each school district is entitled to receive under this section and shall notify each school district administrator of the estimated amount so certified for his or her school district.  The department of administration shall distribute each school district’s aid entitlement in one payment on or before May 1.  The amount paid to each school district shall be based upon the amount in the appropriation account under s. 20.255 (2) (s) on April 15.  All moneys distributed under this section shall be expended for the purchase of instructional materials from the state historical society for use in teaching Wisconsin history and for the purchase of library books and other instructional materials for school libraries, but not for public library facilities operated by school districts under s. 43.52, in accordance with rules promulgated by the state superintendent.  Appropriate records of such purchases shall be kept and necessary reports thereon shall be made to the state superintendent.

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Administrative Rule Related to Library Media Services (Chapter PI 8)

Library media services. Each school district board shall:

  1. Have on file a written, long-range plan for library services development which has been formulated by teachers, library and audiovisual personnel and administrators, and approved by the school district board.
  2. Designate a licensed library media person to direct and coordinate the district's library media program.
  3. Provide library facilities within the school building and make available to all pupils a current, balanced collection of books, basic reference materials, texts, periodicals, and audiovisual materials which depicts in an accurate and unbiased way the cultural diversity and pluralistic nature of American society.
  4. Provide library media services to all pupils as follows: to pupils in grades kindergarten through 6, library media services which are performed by or under the direction of licensed library and audiovisual personnel; and to pupils in grades 7 through 12, library media services which are performed by licensed library and audiovisual personnel.