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At-Risk Afterschool Program Guidance Memorandums

CACFP Recordkeeping Resources

CACFP Recordkeeping Resources: Webinar summarizing below Recordkeeping Resources
Requirements Checklist
Required Documents List
New Staff Responsible for CACFP

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Finance icon  2: CACFP Reimbursement – Effective July 1, 2020

2020-21 Reimbursement Calculation Worksheet

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Chef hat with spoon icon12: Meal Requirements: 1-18 Years

CACFP Meal Pattern (Ages 1-18)
Appendix A: Alternate Protein Products
New Meal Pattern Q&A's

Meal Planning and Production Records

Crediting Foods


Meat and Meat Alternates

Fruit and Vegetables


At-Risk Handout (OVS, Share Tables, Taking a Food Component Off-site)

Food Safety

Drinking Water

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