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At-Risk Afterschool Meals Component - Materials & Resources

Program Overview

USDA At-Risk Afterschool Meals Guide
DPI At-Risk Afterschool Meals Guidance Memorandums

Application Process

CACFP Contract Manual
Permanent Agreement/Policy Statement – PI-1486-AP
CACFP Detailed Budget Form (Attachment G) for Sponsors of Affiliated Sites (Only sponsoring organizations)
CACFP Appeal Procedure and Request Form


Wisconsin Public School Eligibility Data Report for At-Risk Afterschool Meals

Health and Safety Requirements

Find Your Local Health Department Contact
Group Child Care License Exemption Form - PI-6016 (Only site that are not licensed and not an SFA)

Meal Service Requirements

CACFP Meal Pattern (Ages 1-18)
New Creditable Foods
Additional Creditable Foods
Drinking Water

Grains Component

Grains Component Handout
Grains Chart
CACFP Reference Guide
Wisconsin WIC Approved Whole Grains
Tips for Incorporating Whole Grain-Rich Grains
Cereals That Meet CACFP Requirements & Calculating Sugar in Cereal
Is it a Grain-Based Dessert? Perception Counts!

Meat/Meat Alternate

Meat/Meat Alternate Component Handout
Creditable and Non-Creditable Cheese
Cheese Slices and Nut & Seed Butters
Tofu Recipes
Serving Tofu and Soy Yogurt in CACFP
Meat/Meat Alternates Basics
Appendix A: Alternate Protein Products


Milk Component Handout

Fruit and Vegetable

Fruit and Vegetable Components Handout

Recordkeeping Requirements

CACFP Recordkeeping Requirements
Sample Menus
Menu Checklist
Snack Inspiration
Menus with 240 snack ideas and recipes with CACFP crediting information
Store-bought Combination Foods

Meal Service

Meal Service Styles
At-Risk Handout (OVS, Share Tables, Taking a Food Component Off-Site)

Special Dietary Needs

Special Dietary Needs and the CACFP
CACFP Special Dietary Needs Tracking Form
Determining if Meal Modifications Are Required Flowchart
Statement for Special Dietary Need Request Flowchart
Creditable Non-Dairy Beverages

Local Foods

Wisconsin Farm to Early Care & Education
Local Meats, Poultry, and Eggs

Food Safety

Food Safety & Sanitation
Safe Food Storage
CACFP Food Storage Chart

Accurate Meal Counting

At-Risk Meal Count Lunch/Supper- Weekly
At-Risk Meal Count Snack – Weekly
At-Risk Meal Count All Meals – Daily
At-Risk Field Trip Form Instructions
At-Risk Meal Count Field Trip Form


CACFP Vendor Agreement to Provide Meals/Snacks - (Fillable PDF)
SFSP/CACFP Amendment to FSMC RFP/Awarded Contract (SFAs with Food Service Management Company-FSMC)
Attachment B - Record of Potential Vendors Contacted (<250,000 - Small Purchase Method)
Addendum 1 - Summary of Required Procurement Methods
Local Food Purchase Log

Sponsoring Organization Requirements


CACFP Site Pre-operational Visit Form
CACFP Site Pre-operational Visit Form
CACFP At-Risk Site Review Form
CACFP At-Risk Site Review Form


CACFP Training Checklist for Sponsoring Organizations
CACFP Training Agenda

Edit Checks

Meal Edit Checks
Meal Edit Checks – 2 Sites

Program Reimbursements

2019-20 Reimbursement Calculation Worksheet (Agencies participating in At-Risk Afterschool Meals receive reimbursement at the “Free” rate)
Instructions for Completing the Reimbursement Claim Form- At-Risk Afterschool Meals and Emergency Shelter Components, PI-1489-B
Child and Adult Care Food Program, Reimbursement Claim- At-Risk Afterschool Meals and Emergency Shelter Components, PI-1489-B
CACFP Internet Claim Manual
AIDS Register
Meal Edit Checks (Only sponsoring organizations)
Meal Edit Checks – 2 Sites (Only sponsoring organizations)
Monthly Claim Checklist

Financial Reports

Independent Centers

PI-1463 - paper copy of Annual CACFP Financial Report

Sponsoring Organizations

PI-1463-A - paper copy of Quarterly CACFP Financial Report for Sponsors of Affiliated Centers
PI-1463-C - paper copy of Quarterly CACFP Financial Report for Sponsors of Unaffiliated Centers

Financial Management

Frequent CACFP Costs
Assessing Costs in the CACFP
Donated Food Log

Independent Centers

Sample General Ledger for Independent Centers
CACFP Labor Sheet for Independent Centers

Sponsoring Organizations

Sample General Ledger for Sponsoring Organizations
CACFP Labor Sheet for Sponsoring Organizations

CACFP Reviews

CACFP Review: A Few Things to Know
Corrective Action Plans

Other Programs

Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) webpage
SFSP & At-Risk Comparisons

Translated Documents & Forms

For more information on At-Risk Afterschool Meals, visit the At-Risk Afterschool Meals Guidance Memorandum page or view the USDA Regulations and Policy Memos.

For questions about this information, contact Shiela Coulton (608) 665-9232