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Family Day Care Home Guidance Memorandums (GM)

Guidance Memorandums serve as the CACFP Instruction Manual in Wisconsin. Click on the tabs below to access each Guidance Memorandum, forms, and resources.

For training on specific CACFP topics go to the CACFP E-Learning Course.

Refer to the Translated Resources webpage to view some forms in Spanish and Hmong.

A : Provider Eligibility
B: Criteria for Meal Reimbursement
C: Reimbursement Rates
D: Monitoring Day Care Homes
E: Training Requirements
F: Financial Management
G: Procurement
H: Civil Rights
I: Household Size-Income Statements
J: Tiering Requirements
K: Recordkeeping
L: Meal Requirements: 1-12 Years

Plate with utensils icon  GM L: Meal Requirements: 1-12 Years

CACFP Meal Pattern (Ages 1-18) (Spanish) (Hmong)

Appendix A: Alternate Protein Products

New Meal Pattern Q&A's

L: Meal Requirements Infants
L: Special Dietary Needs
M: Serious Deficiency Procedures
N: Claims Submission
O: Child Enrollment
P: Household Contacts