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Family Day Care Home Guidance Memorandums (GM)

Guidance Memorandums serve as the CACFP Instruction Manual in Wisconsin. Click on the tabs below to access each Guidance Memorandum, forms, and resources.

For training on specific CACFP topics go to the CACFP E-Learning Course.

Refer to the Translated Resources webpage to view some forms in Spanish and Hmong.

FDCH Sponsor COVID-19 Resources

FDCH Sponsor CACFP COVID-19 Questions and Answers (updated 09/2021)

FDCH Off-Site Monitoring Guide

Providing Multiple Meals at a Time During the COVID-19 Pandemic
These tip sheets provide information about using bulk foods and distributing multiple meals at a time

Connecting with Your Local Grocery Store

DPI's CACFP COVID-19 Information webpage
Refer to this webpage for additional CACFP COVID-19 information

A : Provider Eligibility
B: Criteria for Meal Reimbursement

GM B: Criteria for Meal Reimbursement

C: Reimbursement Rates

Finance icon  GM C: CACFP Reimbursement Rates Effective July 1, 2021

FDCH Admin Projection Worksheet - FFY2021-2022

FDCH Admin Projection Worksheet - FFY2020-2021

D: Monitoring Day Care Homes
E: Training Requirements

Calculator icon  GM E: Training Requirements

FDCH Sponsor Staff Training Checklist

F: Financial Management

Computer icon  GM F: Financial Management

G: Procurement

Certificate award icon  GM G: Procurement

Procurement Methods and Policy/Procedure Requirements

Procurement Requirement Changes Summary

Sample Procurement Log - Small Purchase Method

H: Civil Rights
I: Household Size-Income Statements

Pencil and writing paper icon  GM I: Household Size-Income Statements

Provider Letter and Household Size-Income Statement for Provider’s Own/Residential Foster Children (Attachment 1)

Attachment 4: Household Size Income Scale Effective July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022

Income Eligibility Calculator Icon to alert that item is new

HSIS Verification Requirements

USDA’s Eligibility Manual for School Meals

J: Tiering Requirements
K: Recordkeeping

Index contents icon  GM K: Recordkeeping

CACFP Monitoring Ratio Standards-FDCH Sponsors

CACFP Electronic Storage Requirements Handout

Wisconsin WIC Program Information Sheet

L: Meal Requirements: 1-12 Years

Plate with utensils icon  GM L: Meal Requirements: 1-12 Years

CACFP Meal Pattern (Ages 1-18)

Appendix A: Alternate Protein Products

New Meal Pattern Q&A's

Meal Planning

Meal Requirements Calculator

Food Buying Guide Calculator

Serving Size Guide

Crediting Foods

Creditable and Non-creditable Foods Guide

USDA Crediting Handbook for the CACFP

CACFP Reference Guide (Whole-grains, cereal, and yogurt)


Wisconsin WIC Approved Whole Grains

Whole Grain-Rich Flow Chart

CACFP Grains Chart

Cereal Types

Is it a Grain-Based Dessert?

Ounce Equivalents for Grains
Meat and Meat Alternates
Fruits and Vegetables

Fruit and Vegetable Serving Size Guide

Vegetable Subgroups


Visual Portion Size Guide: Fruit

Visual Portion Size Guide: Vegetables

Meal Service

Meal Service Styles

Create a Positive Meal Experience - Supplement D

Support Family Style Meals - Supplement E

Food Safety

Food Safety & Sanitation

Safe Food Storage

CACFP Food Storage Chart

Drinking Water

Drinking Water

Lead Exposure

L: Meal Requirements Infants

Parent with infant icon  GM L: Meal Requirements Infants

Infant Meal Pattern & Grains Chart

USDA Feeding Infants in the CACFP Guide

Infant Developmental Readiness Handout

Homemade Baby Food

Infant Meal Recordkeeping

FDCH CACFP Infant Recordkeeping Requirements

CACFP Infant Menu

CACFP Infant Meal Components Form

Crediting Infant Foods

Foods for Infants

Crediting Infant Foods

Feeding Infants Using Ounce Equivalents for Grains

List of Exempt Formulas

L: Special Dietary Needs
M: Serious Deficiency Procedures
N: Claims Submission
O: Child Enrollment

Schoolhouse icon  GM O: Child Enrollment

CACFP Enrollment Form

P: Household Contacts

GM P: Household Contacts

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