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2021 CACFP Sites: Eau Claire County

Provides parents and referral agencies with a list of locations that provide free or low cost, nutritious meals through their participation in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP).

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This data is current as of April 2021; please contact the person listed to verify the agencies participation. Entities wishing to serve meals under the CACFP should contact a Program Consultant.

Child Care Centers
Agency Name Site Name & Address Contact Name & Email
Altoona Family Child Care Center LLC Altoona Family Child Care Center LLC
819 S Hillcrest Pkwy.
Altoona, WI 54720-2701
Jessica Schoettle
(715) 552-5437
Babes In Toyland CC Center LLC Babes In Toyland CC Center LLC
4430 Tower Dr.
Eau Claire, WI 54703-2154
Julie Stewart
(715) 830-9432
Bagwolff LLC Beautiful Minds Child Care
2821 Fairfax St.
Eau Claire, WI 54701-6820
Tonya Bandoli
(715) 834-4360
Bethlehem Lutheran Church Little Star Day Care
2245 Hayden Ave.
Altoona, WI 54720-1548
Krystina Schumacher
(715) 832-1513
Childrens House Montessori School Inc Children's House Montessori School, Inc.
415 E Lake St.
Eau Claire, WI 54701-3734
Jennifer Okas
(715) 835-7861
Days Gone By Early Learning Days Gone By Early Learning
3225 Lorch Ave.
Eau Claire, WI 54701-9191
Loralie Wallerius
(715) 835-1234
Family Tree Eau Claire Center Family Tree Eau Claire Center LLC
2140 Sherwin Ave.
Eau Claire, WI 54701-3476
Marissa Reneau
(715) 579-9046
Hope Lutheran Church Rachel's Place Early Learning Center
2226 Eddy Lane
Eau Claire, WI 54703-1054
Leanne O'Bryan
(715) 832-1414
KinderCare Learning Centers LLC KinderCare Learning Center #301084
2115 Fairfax St.
Eau Claire, WI 54701-4552
Jodi Kuhn
(503) 872-1414
Nature's Cove Early Learning Center Inc. Natures Cove Early Learning Center INC
3631 E Hamilton Ave.
Eau Claire, WI 54701-6875
Alyssa Jones
(715) 514-5959
Our Redeemer Lutheran Church Redeemer Early Learning Programs
601 Fall St.
Eau Claire, WI 54703-3157
Ruthanne Vadnais
(715) 835-9207
REACH Inc Hand in Hand-A Place for All Children
800 Wisconsin St.
Eau Claire, WI 54703-3588
Kenneth Sumner
(715) 552-2763
Regis Catholic Schools Genesis Child Development Center
418 N Dewey St.
Eau Claire, WI 54703-3241
Gayle Flaig
(715) 830-2275
  Regis Child Development Center
2114 Fenwick Ave.
Eau Claire, WI 54701-4421
Gayle Flaig
(715) 830-2275
St. Paul's Lutheran Church St. Paul's Little Lambs Childcare & PS
721 S State St.
Fall Creek, WI 54742-9794
Katherine Hagen
(715) 877-3501
Stepping Stones Learning Center Stepping Stones Learning Center
836 Richard Dr.
Eau Claire, WI 54701-6242
Courtney Koehler
(715) 514-1906
The Learning Tree Child Care Center LLC The Learning Tree Child Care Center
3260 Birch St.
Eau Claire, WI 54703-4037
Cassandra Stoeklen
(715) 790-8481
U W Eau Claire UWEC Children's Nature Academy
1190 Priory Rd.
Eau Claire, WI 54701-9519
Grace Crickett
(715) 836-3107
Western Dairyland EOC Inc Altoona Early Education Center
1312 N Hillcrest Pkwy.
Altoona, WI 54720-
Anna Cardarella
(715) 985-2391
  Eau Claire Head Start
3103 Oak Knoll Dr.
Eau Claire, WI 54701-
Anna Cardarella
(715) 985-2391
Youthful Minds Learning Center Family Tree Child Care Center
320 Division St.
Altoona, WI 54720-1659
Marissa Reneau
(715) 894-7529
At-Risk Afterschool Centers
Agency Name Site Name & Address Contact Name & Email
Boys & Girls Club - Chippewa Valley Lee & Mary Markquart Center - EC
1005 Oxford Ave.
Eau Claire, WI 54703-5347
Kim Gillett
(715) 598-7208
YMCA of the Chippewa Valley Eau Claire YMCA Club House
206 Emery St.
Eau Claire, WI 54701-
Nicholas Salimes
(715) 861-2338
  Flynn Elementary
1430 Lee St.
Eau Claire, WI 54701-4270
Nicholas Salimes
(715) 861-2338
  Locust Lane Elementary School
3245 Locust Lane
Eau Claire, WI 54703-1158
Nicholas Salimes
(715) 861-2338
  Manz Elementary
1000 E Fillmore St.
Eau Claire, WI 54701-6539
Nicholas Salimes
(715) 861-2338
  Meadowview Elementary School
4714 Fairfax St.
Eau Claire, WI 54701-8083
Nicholas Salimes
(715) 861-2338
  Northwoods Elementary School
3600 Northwoods Lane
Eau Claire, WI 54703-1379
Nicholas Salimes
(715) 861-2338
  Putnam Heights
633 W MacArthur Ave.
Eau Claire, WI 54701-6331
Nicholas Salimes
(715) 861-2338
3832 E Hamilton Ave.
Eau Claire, WI 54701-8106
Nicholas Salimes
(715) 861-2338
  Sam Davey Elementary School
3000 Starr Ave.
Eau Claire, WI 54703-0916
Nicholas Salimes
(715) 861-2338
Family Day Care Home Sponsors
Agency Name Site Name & Address Contact Name & Email
Western Dairyland EOC Inc. Western Dairyland EOC Inc.
23122 Whitehall Rd.
Independence, WI 54747-7702
Anna Cardarella
(800) 782-1063
Wisconsin Early Childhood Association Wisconsin Early Childhood Association
2908 Marketplace Dr., Suite 101
Fitchburg, WI 53719-5318
Pamela Polenz
(800) 783-9322

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