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Returning SFSP Sponsors - 2022

2022 SFSP Information for Returning Sponsors

Steps to Apply for SFSP in 2022

  1. Tell us your agency plans to participate! Given COVID-19 has had a big impact on summer operations over the past few years, we are asking that all returning sponsors complete a short ‘Intent to Operate the SFSP’ form by February 25, 2022.
  2. Complete Training - With the pandemic still having an impact on operations at both the State and local level, we have decided not to hold in-person training for sponsors this spring. In lieu, we will continue to offer our SFSP E-learning Course and will also offer live webinars throughout the spring. At a minimum, sponsors are required to review the lessons within the E-learning Course that are pertinent to their SFSP responsibilities. All training opportunities will be posted on the SFSP Training Page.
  3. Review the SFSP Materials & Resources. You may wish to update your Guide to Sponsoring the SFSP (orange binder), by printing the updated pages. Revision dates are noted behind each one-pager. Outreach materials (i.e., posters, banners, yard signs, etc.) will be available to order later in the spring.
  4. Update the SFSP Application - Do not attempt to complete prior to March 3rd
  • The SFSP Online Application is scheduled to open on March 3rd for updates.
  • A webinar will be scheduled for March 8th, at 2 pm to review changes in the application and program operation for 2022. Registration for the webinar will be posted on the SFSP Training page soon. The webinar will be recorded and posted on the SFSP Training page.
  • The application is due April 8th, if requesting SFSP USDA Foods and/or an advance in payment
  • The application is due May 6th, if not interested in USDA Foods and/or an advance in payment
  • Refer to the 2022 SFSP Application Manual when updating the application 

All direct correspondence with SFSP sponsors will be posted on the SFSP Bulletins page.

For questions about this information, contact Amy Kolano (608) 266-7124