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Returning Sponsors - Summer Food Service Program 2021

The SFSP 2021 Application will open for updates in the afternoon of January 7, 2021. This is occurring much earlier than normal in order to accommodate the many agencies that have been operating year round due to the pandemic. If your agency has been operating during SY2020-21, do note that the application will need to be updated with 2021 information, submitted to DPI and approved, prior to submitting the January 2021 claim for reimbursement.

We are providing two separate sets of instructions for the update. Select the one that fits your situation and PLEASE read them, step-by-step while making the required updates. Following the instructions provided will result in your application being approved in a timely manner.

  • Updating for Remainder of SY2020-21 + Possible Summer 2021 Operation: This set of instructions can also be used for those agencies that ONLY participate in the summer. The deadline for application submission for those ONLY operating in the summer is April 2nd, if ordering USDA Foods and/or requesting an advance in payment. Otherwise, it is due May 7th, 2021. Again, if your agency has been operating year round due to the pandemic, there isn’t a specific deadline for your contract to be submitted, however it does need to be submitted and approved prior to filing the January claim for reimbursement, which will be due March 1, 2021.
  • Updating for Remainder of SY2020-21 Only (i.e. not operating after your school year ends)This set of instructions should be used by the SFAs operating the SFSP currently, that have no intentions of operating this summer or cannot continue to participate after June 30, 2021, when the area eligibility waiver ends.

Please check out the Serving School Meals During COVID-19 in SY2020-21 Q&A, which was updated on December 8, 2020. We have had a number of questions regarding providing meals to children over the holidays and on weekends. The quick answer is ‘yes’, you can certainly continue to provide meals to children during your winter break, which includes weekends. If doing so, ensure the end date in your 2020 SFSP application goes through the last day of service for 2020 and that Saturday and Sunday are checked on the session pages as days meals will be claimed.

SFSP Requirements for 2021 - Review to ensure that your program continues to operate as required and maintains program integrity! 

SFSP Reimbursement Rates for 2021 have been released.  These rates are applicable to reimbursable meals served during the 2021 calendar year. 

The printed Guide to Operating the SFSP and USDA Guidance Manuals will not be distributed this year due to the many changes in the way the Program is currently operating. You may print the updated resources directly from the Materials and Resources page to keep your copy up to date.

SFSP Group Training will not be held in 2021. Training remains an annual requirement.  Please utilize the SFSP E-learning Course and the resources provided to complete the annual training requirement. 


For more information, please contact Amy Kolano, SFSP Coordinator at 608-266-7124 or e-mail:

Summer Food Service Program Home Page

Summer Food Service Program Materials and Resources

For questions about this information, contact Amy Kolano (608) 266-7124