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Returning Sponsors - Summer Food Service Program 2018


Welcome Back - The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) would like to thank you for your past participation and once again ask for your support through sponsorship of the SFSP in 2018!

Food Insecurity is a Summer Long Problem - Let's increase the number of days a child is offered meals through the Summer Food Service Program this year. Brainstorm and create partnerships with other organizations in your community to get the job done. The USDA Capacity Builder Map can assist you in identifying areas of need and potential partners in your community. If you need assistance or ideas in finding partner organizations, please contact me!

Grant Opportunities - Check out Share Our Strength, Center for Best Practices

2018 To-Do List for Sponsors

Eligible Areas for 2018

School Free/Reduced Data - Please see the Wisconsin School Free/Reduced Eligibility Data FY 2017. A SFSP open or enrolled site is eligible for the SFSP if it is located within the attendance area of a school that has 50% or more of its enrolled children eligible for free and reduced price meals.  FY 2018 Data will become available in January 2018.

Although the School Free/Reduced Data provided is from September, sponsors may use data from ANY month during the school year to qualify! Remember that SFSP sites can be any location suitable for meal service, including High Schools and Middle Schools as long as the site is within the attendance area of a school that qualifies.  Eligibility can carry over for 5 years, if needed.

Census data estimates are collected annually by the US Census Bureau. Use the online Capacity Builder Map to determine if your site(s) are located in a census tract that qualifies!  Census data can also be used for a period of 5 years without the need to re-qualify the site(s).

Camp sites that need to collect household-size income statements - be sure you are using the most current forms. Visit the SFSP Materials and Resources webpage to download the latest parent letter and household size-income statement.

2018 Training Opportunities - Register Online by February 16th


Returning Sponsors: DPI will be holding 10 pop-up training opportunities for returning sponsors around the State in March. These sessions will be an open time period whereby sponsors can 'pop-in' to receive program updates, the latest resources from DPI and USDA, and receive one-on-one training with the DPI SFSP consultants. We'll be there to help you plan your 2018 program, give you ideas for expansion, provide the latest and greatest outreach materials, and answer specific questions you may have.

New E-learning Opportunity: DPI is in the process of creating a new online SFSP course for Sponsors. The course will be available online in February.

New Sponsor/Administrative Training: All new sponsors are asked to attend the group training offered in April. Returning sponsors with new administrative staff and any sponsor personnel that wish to attend a more traditional group training, may also register. Please contact for more information.​

Madison - Crown Plaza, April 3rd, 2018, 9 am - 3:30 pm

Program Materials

2018 program materials will have a new look this year!  Registration for the pop-up sessions, group training, and program materials will open up in January.  Even if you are not able to attend a pop-up or group session, register to receive your materials and take the new SFSP e-learning course.  

Application Process 

The 2018 On-Line Application will open March 1st, 2018

Application Due Dates

  • April 13th – if ordering USDA Foods (commodities) and/or requesting an advance payment
  • May 11th –  if NOT ordering USDA Foods and/or requesting an advance payment

Enter SFSP Contract Information

SFSP Internet Application Manual

Agreement/Policy Statement - PI-1482-AP Summer Food Service Program - for non-school sponsors only  Returning non-school sponsors that have a change in the Authorized Representative of the Program are required to complete this form.

For more information, please contact Amy Kolano, SFSP Coordinator at 608-266-7124 or e-mail:


Summer Food Service Program Home Page

Summer Food Service Program Materials and Resources


For questions about this information, contact Amy Kolano (608) 266-7124