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Data Collections

Metrics and Data Quality Review

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Metrics are reporting measures. They originate from the data LEAs input to their Student Information System (SIS). This data is then transmitted to DPI.The metrics sent to DPI include:

  • School Data: such as enrollment, dropout, and graduation rates 
  • Student Outcomes: such as academic progress, school connections and climate, and teacher talent.

These measures and others are available for review in both in the WISEdata Portal and in WISEdash for Districts.

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WISEdata Portal

The WISEdata Portal is for your school's use in evaluating your data and the validation messages that may require attention and/or action on your part. WISEdata Portal is secure, meaning it only LEA staff with a need to know can access this personally identifiable information. 

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WISEdash Public Portal

WISEdash for Districts is a secure version that allows you to view your data and create reports based on the information. You can also view and compare data from multiple schools/districts using the WISEdash Public Portal that is available to anyone.


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To ensure DPI gathers accurate and necessary data for audit and reporting requirements, data snapshots are taken. For the current 2021-22 school year, the snapshot timeline is as follows:

Additional information about the snapshot collections can be found on the Snapshot Preparation Guidance page and the WISEdata Annual Tasks Checklist page.