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Private School Enrollment and Graduate Data files have been migrated to WISEdash Page

Please note: Data is still available for years 1993-Present. With this migration there are no changes to the data; only the file names have been changed

1) All Private (Non-Public) School Enrollment Data Excel files are available on the WISEdash Data Files page under the topic name 'Enrollment – Private School'.

2) All Non-Public (Private) School Graduates Data Excel files are available on the WISEdash Data Files page under the topic name 'High School Completion – Private School'.
  • NOTE: Please click the above two links to navigate to the WISEdash page.
The new file names (format) are shown in the table below.
Old File Name New File Name
NEMYY private_enrollment_master_YYYY-YY
NEStGrYY private_enrollment_statewide_by_grade_YYYY-YY
NEScGrYY private_enrollment_by_district_by_school_by_grade_YYYY-YY
NEDGYY & NEGYY private_enrollment_by_district_by_school_by_gender_YYYY-YY(NECoG and NECeG filters can be applied in the new files)
NGRADYY private_school_graduates_YYYY-YY

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