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2015-2016 WISEstaff Reporting Page


The page provides districts with information and changes regarding the PI-1202 Fall Staff Report application. Members that will be interested include district IT staff or software vendors, business manager/department, human resource director/department, staff responsible for completing the PI-1202, and district administrators.

WISEstaff Application Available Statewide 


Authorized WISEstaff (PI-1202) users may Access WISEstaff (PI-1202) Web Application through WISEhome



Technical Documentation

2015-2016 Draft Data definitions

The proposed 2015-2016 timeline for agencies to report is as follows:  All Dates are Tentative.


Date Description 
September 8th
September 8, 2015: Weekly call to districts regarding WISEstaff begin
September 18th

(Third Friday in September) Staff count is taken and all staff must be fully licensed.

October 1st

The WISEstaff (PI-1202) is scheduled to open.

November 1st

TEPDL is able to begin auditing any districts that have submitted all staff and assignment data, passed validations and indicated that they are “Ready to Audit”.  Once audits are complete, if needed, districts can make corrections based upon audit results.

November 25th

Deadline extended to the 25th.

Reporting deadline. All districts closes and are in “Ready to Audit” status after submitting all staff and assignment data and passing validations.

March 1, 2016

 Districts complete any final re-coding in WISEstaff.

June 15, 2016:

TEPDL requests WISEstaff data (from 3/1) for final 2015-16 audit and reporting.

First week in July 2016 Final audits to determine highly qualified teacher status are run at the end of the school year.


Guidance Tips and Recommendations

Guidance Tips:

Who should be reported?  Decision Tree Diagram
FTE guidance
Grade Level guidance
Number of Classes & NCLB guidance
Working School Number guidance


**Important clarification regarding benefits**


There are two items that are being clarified for the collection of fringe benefit data.
  • The coding for cash in lieu of benefits was clarified with the U.S. Census Bureau, to which DPI reports financial data, in fiscal year 2013. Cash in lieu of benefits should be coded as a benefit under object 290 (detailed account 296).
  • Another item to note is that Fund 73 OPEB contributions that are not run through payroll, but rather allocated as a journal entry, should also be included as a 210 benefit. If a district is using a payroll report to determine the benefits and does a journal entry at the end of the year for the OPEB contribution, it is likely that the OPEB contributions are not being properly reflected on the PI-1202 as they should be.
Updated Contract Fringe Benefits Definition:
Include the total of all items under Object Code 200 Employee Benefits in the WUFAR Handbook. They are 210 Retirement, 220 Social Security, 230 Life Insurance, 240 Health Insurance, 250 Other Employee Insurance, and 290 Other Employment Benefits, including cash payments in lieu of benefits.


  • Teachers with assignments for grades 7 and 8 cannot be reported as 53-0050, Teacher-Elementary All Subjects. You must report the specific subject(s) taught. Example: 53-0400, grades 07-08 (mathematics) 50% FTE, 53-0300, grade 08 (English) 50% FTE.
  • We recommend use of individual's name as listed on their most current social security card to reduce the name discrepancy warnings between agencies.

Long Term Substitute Reminder: As a reminder, starting with the 2012-2013 school year, all positions with assignment type of 0 (Professional - Special Education) or 1 (Professional - Regular Education) with the exception of 53- 0970(Teacher/Intern) are required to answer the question “Is this assignment being performed by a long-term substitute?

The following are additional changes for the 2015-2016 School Year:

Changes to the security:

  • The new staff data collection application requires a WAMS ID to log into the application.  If you do not already have a WAMS id, please follow the steps below to set up a WAMS id.
The first step is to get a WAMS ID.  Setting up a WAMS account involves four simple steps:
1. Go to the WAMS homepage.
2. Select Self Registration.
3. Provide the required information.
4. When you receive a confirmation email from the WAMS system, follow the link given to log in and verify your account.
  • SSNs are no longer required, and a WISEid will be issued and used in place of the SSN.  The WISEid application is currently open to create WISEids for staff.

Final Assignment code changes for the 2015-2016 school year are listed below:

Positions Codes
  Additions:  None      
  Changes:  1      
  Changes Position Position Name Position Type Position Description


99 Other Professional Staff in a Non-Instructional role S Removed Description ( assignment 99-0000 has been deleted for the 2015-2016 school year)

Deletions:  None

Area Codes
  Additions:  4        
    Area Area Name Area Description  
    0301 Language Arts - Fusion    
    0416 RtI Math Intervention    
    9097 Extra-curricular Staff     
    9210 Other Duties Other Prof. Staff doing other duties (such as lunch duty, bus duty, study hall, etc.)  
  Changes:  7        
    Area Area Name Area Description  
  Added Description. 0003 Mentor This is an assignment where an experienced educator is providing support and assistance to other educators (in a non-supervisory capacity).  
  Changed Name 0316 Reading and Reading Interventions(including RtI for reading) Reading and Reading Interventions including RtI Reading Intervention.  
  Added Description. 0620 General Science Use for Broad Field Science as well.  
  Changed Name
Added Description.
0810 Intellectual (Cognitive) Disability As a state we have moved from COGNITIVE Disabilities to INTELLECTUAL Disabilities as of July 1, 2015.  This does not change licensing requirements for this assignment.  
  Changed Description. 0940 Academic Support - Non-Special Education Pupils Use for level 1 interventions in all subjects except reading. Use for non-special education PBIS assignments.  
  Added Description. 0884 Educational Interpreter - Hearing Impairment For staff that are Long-term subs then 62-0884 must be used with long-term sub question checked Yes.
If staff person is a short-term sub, then use 97-9883 for this assignment.
  Added Description. 9896 Short Term Substitute When used with position:
96 - Paraprofessional short term sub.
97 - Program aid short term sub.
98 - Other Support Staff short term sub.
99 - Other Professional Staff in a Non-Instructional role short term sub.
  Deletions: None
Additions: 6      
  Assignment Assignment Position/Area Name Position Description Area Description


Teacher / Language Arts - Fusion



Teacher / RtI Math Intervention
Other Support Staff / Short term Substitute
Other Professional Staff in a Non-Instructional role / Short term Substitute
Other Support Staff / Extra-curricular Staff 
Other Professional Staff in a Non-Instructional role / Other Duties
Other Prof. Staff doing other duties (such as lunch duty, bus duty, study hall, etc.)
Changes:  None      
Deletions:  2      
  Assignment Assignment Position/Area Name Comments
  64-0000 Program Coordinator / No Description Beyond Position These codes were eliminated since it did not provide specific data about what the person was actually doing in his/her assignment.  When determining what to use in its place,  review other available WISEstaff codes, including other position 99 codes or those with position 53, 64, 97 or 98 as warranted.
  99-0000 Other Professional Staff in a Non-Instructional role / No Description Beyond Position  

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