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PI-1202 Frequently Asked Questions


More information about Highly-Qualified Teachers can be found on the ESEA home page. Scroll down to the "Major Topics of Interest Related to the Provisions of NCLB" and find the links to the Highly-Qualified Teachers data.

Where can I find the answers to questions regarding newly-hired employees (those with Local Experience <=1.0 and Total years of Experience <= 1.0)?
You can determine the answers by asking your Human Resources staff for the information, by reviewing the employee's personnel files, and/or by asking the employee.
Why is the Department asking these questions about new employees?
The Department of Public Instruction  implemented PI-34 licensing requirements in 2004-2005 and gathers data for research purposes. The questions regarding a major and content licensing test are survey questions that are required for informational purposes. Answers are required.
How can I find out if an employee has a major in his/her content area?
You can examine the employee's college transcript, which should be in his/her personnel file, or you can ask the applicant. When an employee is hired, he or she should provide a copy of his or her transcript as well as a copy of a license.
What is meant by a "content licensing test," and how can I find out if an employee has taken one in the area in which he or she is assigned?
You may ask the applicants if they have taken a state-required standardized content exam. Some states require a content exam for licensure offered through the Educational Testing Service (ETS) through National Evaluation Systems or developed by the state itself.
*Wisconsin requires all graduates to take a Praxis II (ETS) content test.


1. What are the fillers for this field? 2. Is there a defined order for this field? Example: If a teacher works in K-3 for their grade levels, how do we fill in the remaining fields?
The 44-character grade field was originally set up to accommodate many pre-kindergarten grades. Instead, they are to be rolled up into PK. Valid grade levels are: PK, KG, 01-12. Spaces may be used for filling unused positions. There is no particular order required. It's very important to remember that these grade levels are related to ASSIGNMENTS, not the grade level of the school in which the assignment takes place and not the grades for which the person is licensed. A teacher with a particular assignment in each of grades K-3 would be coded: KG010203. A teacher with a particular assignment in kindergarten and third grade would be coded: KG03.
An example of how to report grades for a high school teacher's assignment, such as General Science, 9th grade (but it can include 12th grade students), would be just 09.

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