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DPI Coursework Completion System


DATE: December 10, 2010 (Email)
TO: All Districts
SUBJECT: DPI Coursework Completion System


The Coursework Completion System (CWCS) will collect data specific to all courses completed by all students, grades K3-12. This new data collection will facilitate the standardization of student coursework information across the state, provide data necessary to answer important questions at the local and state levels, and enable Wisconsin to meet federal requirements.

As recipients of federal State Fiscal Stabilization Funding in 2009, Wisconsin is required to capture this data along with 11 other elements of the America Competes Act. It is the intention of DPI to accomplish this in as positive and proactive manner as possible. For example this system will be used to replace the PI-1215 Course Offerings Report in the future. Data from the new system will enhance the Longitudinal Data System (LDS) and assist in the development of sound educational policies and improve the quality and significance of education research with the goal of improving student achievement. For more information check out the project web page.



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