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Wisconsin Student Number Locator System (WSLS)

WSLS is no longer in use. We have transitioned to the WISEid application.


Please click here for information and help with WISEid.









WSLS Web Application

The WSLS is used (1) to assign new Wisconsin Student Numbers (WSNs) to students entering Wisconsin Public Schools, (2) to help ensure that the WSNs stay with students as they move from school to school and district to district, (3) to update WSLS data such as when students exit a school or when data used for matching change (e.g. legal name, guardian), and (4) to correct errors in WSLS birthdates, spellings, etc. The WSNs and certain other WSLS data will be used as a starting point for Wisconsin School Performance Report, Fall Enrollment Report, Discipline, Coursework Completion, and ESEA Report Card purposes

Authorized WSLS users login here:

Go to the WSLS Web Application

For Current WSLS Users

Check email updates

WSLS AVAILABILITY AND SUPPORT: Phone and email support of WSLS will be available between 8:00 am - 4:30 pm Monday-Friday. You can continue to use the WSLS at other times of day, including weekends (24x7), but if you have difficulty or if there is a system outage, then you might want to try again between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm M-F. Occasionally, there may be short outages (less than 15 minutes) over the noon hour to address emergency situations. We will try to keep noon hour outages to a minimum.

EMAILING FILES: For security and privacy reasons, please do not email XML or CSV files to our helpdesk. However, if you want someone to check your file, then please provide the filename.

When attempting to log into the WSLS, if you receive the 403 information error, please complete the following steps:

  1. Wait 30 seconds and click the 'Refresh' icon of your web browser. This will correct most 403 errors.
  2. Verify that you have been authorized to access the WSLS. Note that to use the WSLS and ISES you must be authorized for each application.
  3. Review the error text:
    • If the description text is 'Access to this page is restricted because of access control policies', skip to step 5.
    • If the description text is 'Your login capability is locked. Please contact your system administrator', skip to step 4.
    • If the description text is any other message, skip to step 7.
  4. Complete 'Account Recovery' at
  5. The WSLS web address is case sensitive. Use the link above to access the system, rather than a 'favorites' link in you web browser. If you continue to receive the 403 error, continue to step 6.
  6. Deactivate web page caching. If you need further information about web caching or you continue to receive the 403 error, continue to step 7.
  7. Contact the DPI Help Desk.

For New WSLS Users

You must be individually authorized to use the WSLS. Having a Wisconsin User ID (a WAMS ID) is necessary but does not in itself provide access to the WSLS Web application. For security and privacy reasons, access must be specifically authorized by your District Administrator (Superintendent) on behalf of your school board or by the Superintendent's appointed WSLS/ISES Administrator.

For further information about gaining access, see the Delegated Authority Web Application.

Using the Wisconsin Student Number Locator System (WSLS)


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Submit questions, comments and suggestions about the WSLS to the 24x7 DPI Online Helpdesk Application or call 800-507-5744.