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School Directory Public Portal

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What is the Wisconsin School Directory Public Portal?


The Wisconsin School Directory (SD) is actually two separate applications:

  • Wisconsin School Directory: Public Portal ~ viewable for the general public
  • Wisconsin School Directory: Management Portal ~ viewable and editable only to authorized school staff

This webpage focuses on the School Directory Public Portal. It is a searchable collection of schools (public, private, etc.) and local education agencies (LEA) in the state of Wisconsin. The digital content covered in the Wisconsin School Directory Public Portal is pursuant to Wis. Stat. § 115.30.

Access the School Directory Public Portal

Simply click the link for the Wisconsin School Directory: PUBLIC PORTAL to be redirected to the School Directory public application. This version of School Directory can be accessed by anyone and does not require a login.

Please visit the School Directory Management Portal Annual Updates webpage for details on annual required School Directory updates/changes.


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