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School Directory

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What is School Directory?

School Directory

The School Directory (SD) application allows districts, independent charter schools, and private schools to update the DPI database directly instead of submitting changes on paper forms for the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) to enter. Since 2012-13, SD has replaced the following paper forms:

  • PI-1201 Verification of Private Schools within Public School Districts

  • PI-1203 School District Statistical Report

  • PI-1280 Public School Update

  • PI-1281 Private School Update

As a digital 'form' of data collection, the information collected on School Directory is collected pursuant to Wis. Stat. § 115.30.

The application is open year-round except for the month of August, and for a brief time in January.

School Directory - Access the Application

School Directory Public

School Directory PUBLIC

This version of School Directory can be accessed by anyone and does not require a login. It is a searchable collection of public and private schools in Wisconsin.

School Directory District

School Directory UPDATE

The School Directory Update application requires a login and is utilized by LEA staff to update important information at the beginning of each school year.

Accessing School Directory PUBLIC

Simply click the link or icon above to be redirected to the School Directory public application. 


Accessing School Directory UPDATE via WISEhome

  1. Click the link or icon above to access WISEhome. From there you will need to login either with your WAMS ID, or click 'Sign in with Google'.

    1. For more information on WISEhome login information, refer to the WISEhome Information page.

  2. In WISEhome, click School Directory.

  3. Click Log In to Application.

  4. For districts only: The district information displays first. Click the Public Schools tab to view or change the school information.

Annual Required Updates to be Made in School Directory

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Schools are required to update their information at the beginning of every school year.

These updates ensure that DPI has accurate information about Wisconsin schools. These updates are required from all public school districts, private schools, or charter schools that submit to WISEdata. If these updates are not made, it can result in validation messages, and lack of proper communication.

Changes must be made using the DPI School Directory (Update) application :

You must have the appropriate School Directory user role in order to make these updates. If you do not, please request a user role using the WISEhome application. Instructions and a link to WISEhome can be found on the WISEhome Information page.

Make all applicable updates to all applicable requirements listed below:

  • Address or location change (physical, mailing, and/or shipping address)
  • District or school website URL
  • First and Last Day of School
  • High Grade and Low Grade (a/k/a grade range)
    • Keep in mind that only Milwaukee School District utilizes the grade level K3. Other schools should use "PK" to refer to grades earlier than K4. Refer to the Grade Level data element page for more information
  • Individual contact information (District Administrator, Choice Administrator, Principal, Special Education Director, Library Media Specialist, Business Manager, etc.)
  • Kindergarten Info (public districts only)
  • Main contact email address

Please note that if your school is participating in the Private School Choice Programs (Choice) or Special Needs Scholarship Program (SNSP), changes that impact those programs must be submitted using the update forms on the Choice or SNSP webpage. For example, changing the main contact email address through the form for the Directory will only change it for emails related to the Directory. That will not change the email address that is used for Choice program or SNSP correspondence.

Changing a School Name

  • Please submit a Help Ticket, and select School Directory - Enterprise from the application dropdown

Adding a New School / Closing an Existing School

School Directory Open for Updates for 2023-24 School Year


The online Wisconsin School Directory is NOW OPEN.

You may now make updates for the 2023-24 school year.

SIS Conversion Guidance

Computer entry

Public districts and Choice schools:

If you will be changing SIS (Student Information System) vendors please notify DPI by submitting a Help Ticket. Changing your SIS vendor will impact WISEdata reporting. The DPI Customer Services Team is happy to assist you with this process.

If you have questions, or experience any issues submitting the School Modification form, please submit a Help Ticket.

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Choose “School Directory - Enterprise” from the Application dropdown, and one of our dedicated support staff will reach out to you.