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Data Collections Schedule - General

  1. WISEdata Snapshots Schedule
  2. School Board Report (PI-1208)--no longer collected
    School board member data is received from the Wisconsin Association of School Boards in June, October, and February of each year.
  3. School Performance Report (SPR) Web Application
    School Performance Report Website
    Final Publication and Download Data
    Data is collected on extra-co-curricular activities, habitual truants, post-graduation follow-up, and school-sponsored community activities.
  4. Directory Data
    • Clarifying Information on the Definition of a School
    • Directory information is now collected online. Public School and District Directory information is now collected online year-round in the School Directory application, replacing the forms listed below:
      • PI-1201 Verification of Private School Names and Addresses
      • PI-1203 School District Statistical Report
      • PI-1280 Public School Update
      • PI-1281 Private School Update 
  5. Fall Staff Report (PI-1202) due December 17
  6. Fall Enrollment Report (PI-1290)
  7. Private School Report (PI-1207) due October 15


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