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Data Collections Schedule - General

  1. WISEdata Snapshots Schedule
  2. School Board Report (PI-1208)--no longer collected
    School board clerk names are received from the Wisconsin Association of School Boards on the first of each month.
  3. School Performance Report (SPR) Web Application--no longer collected
    School Performance Report Website
    Final Publication and Download Data
    Data is collected on extra-co-curricular activities, habitual truants, post-graduation follow-up, and school-sponsored community activities.
  4. Directory Data
    • Clarifying Information on the Definition of a School
    • Directory information is now collected online. Public School and District Directory information is now collected online year-round in the School Directory application, replacing the forms listed below:
      • PI-1201 Verification of Private School Names and Addresses
      • PI-1203 School District Statistical Report
      • PI-1280 Public School Update
      • PI-1281 Private School Update 
  5. Fall Staff Report (PI-1202) due December 17
  6. Fall Enrollment Report (PI-1290)
  7. Private School Report (PI-1207) due October 15


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