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Statistical Data and Reports


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Administrative Salary Report. This report is generated from data collected annually as of the third Friday in September on the PI-1202 Fall Staff Report (WISEstaff). Data are arranged in columns that include position, name of employee, gender, race, year of birth, prorated salary, prorated fringe, FTE, number of months per year employed, local experience, total experience, and highest degree. The Excel files may contain revised data from the PDF or original paper publications.

Basic Facts About Wisconsin's Elementary and Secondary Schools. This annual report is produced by School Financial Services. Financial information includes per pupil revenue and cost data, distribution of state aid dollars, October equalization aid estimate, estimated state aid payment, school district revenue limits, and equalized school district levy rates.

Private Enrollment. These reports are taken from the PI-1207 Private School Report. Enrollment data may be provided at various levels: statewide, district or school.

Private Graduates. This report is taken from the PI-1207 Private School Report. Graduates are reported by gender and total for each school. Data is sorted by district and non-public school.

Program Information. These reports are based on data submitted in the School Directory application. Reports include types of kindergarten programs offered in districts.

Public Enrollment. This page contains several different enrollment reports, compiled from information gathered in ISES (WISEdata). Data may be provided at various levels: statewide, district or school.

Public School Calendar. This file contains district level information collected in the School Directory application. It includes the first and last day of school dates for students.

School Performance Report. This annual report serves as the state's annual public school report card.



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