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State Superintendent CTE Visit in Photos

Friday, February 21, 2020

In recognition of CTE Month, State Superintendent Carolyn Stanford Taylor visited four schools to take a look at their CTE programs: Cuba City High School, Deforest High School, and two schools in Milwaukee: Bay View High School and James Madison Academic Campus. The first of these was Cuba City on February 12. Come along as we tour Cuba City High School’s CTE program in pictures!

Superintendent talks with students
Superintendent Carolyn Stanford Taylor enjoyed meeting with students in the engineering and technology career pathway. Here, she leans in to get a better look at the project of sophomores Reeve Muller (left) and Roslin Johns.
Engineering students
Students explain the finer points of their project, which shot ping-pong projectiles across the room!
Entrepreneur students
Students in the entrepreneurship career pathway gave each other feedback as they honed in on an effective prototype of a gizmo that would pick up one (and only one) tack for people who were blind, young, or senior.
Culinary student
This student demonstrates his culinary skills in the restaurants & food/beverage services career pathway--a tasty stop on the tour!
Vet Science students
Superintendent Stanford Taylor visited the veterinary science class (part of the animal systems career pathway) with the large-animal students, who were dissecting the reproductive system of sows.
Students building nightstands
Students in the manufacturing production process development career pathway are building nightstands.
Student explains to superintendent
Junior Brandon Richards talks with Superintendent Stanford Taylor about the finer points of manufacturing a nightstand.

Dubuque’s newspaper, the Telegraph-Herald, took additional photos of the visit. You can see photographer Jessica Reilly’s photos and her video of Carolyn Stanford Taylor.

For photos of the Superintendent's visits to DeForest High School, Bay View High School, and James Madison Academy Campus, go to DPI’s CTE team Facebook page or Twitter feed (@WisconsinCTE).