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Wisconsin CTE Professional Organizations

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Health Occupations Professional Educators

Wisconsin Association of Health Occupations Professional Educations is a Wisconsin organization for teachers of health sciences.


  • Identify and support common goals among all secondary teacher of health occupations education
  • Encourage and support active involvement of all secondary health occupations teacher at the state and national levels of the professional education organizations and the student leadership organization (HOSA)
  • Provide a mechanism for effective communications among secondary health occupations teachers and between health occupations teacher and other publics within the educational systems, the health field, and the local and state communities
  • Promote a broad understanding and an appreciate for the total spectrum of Health Occupations Education and its student leadership organization (HOSA)

Wisconsin Association of Agriculture Educators

Mission statement

We are dedicated to leading agricultural education professionals in the development of knowledge throughout our ever evolving global community.

Goals of the WAAE

  • Achieve high teaching standards through innovative methods of teaching
  • Fostering a professional network within the agricultural community
  • Advocate for the agricultural industry
  • Support the development and retention of educators in our industry

Wisconsin Business Education Association


The purpose of the Wisconsin Business Education Association is to develop and execute a sustained and planned program for Wisconsin business education teachers through conferences, bulletins, research studies, and educational investigations.


Wisconsin Family & Consumer Educators

The Purposes of this organization are to:

  • Promote elementary/secondary family and consumer sciences education.
  • Strengthen family and consumer sciences education programs K-12.
  • Join with others to support common issues.
  • Encourage and assist professional development activities for Wisconsin family and consumer sciences education teachers.
  • Encourage policies and programs beneficial to career and technical education including family and consumer sciences education.

Wisconsin Marketing Education Association

The Wisconsin Marketing Education Association (WMEA) mission is to foster the professional development of secondary and post-secondary marketing educators


Wisconsin Technology Education Association

The WTEA is an association made up of educators with a desire to improve technology education at all levels of education within the state of Wisconsin. A wide variety of agencies have representation in the Association. These range from public and private schools to correctional institutions, and from the established teacher and supervisor to the college student preparing for the profession.

The Wisconsin Technology Education Association provides proactive leadership in advocating the advancement of technology education by providing professional development opportunities, promoting relevant curriculum, communicating information and networking with business and industry.