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Skills Standards Programs

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Cooperative Education Skill Standards

Wisconsin's Cooperative Education Skill Standards Certificate Program is designed in partnership with business, industry and labor representatives, and educators around the integration of school-based and work-based learning and appropriate career development experiences. The program is designed to provide paid work experience for junior and senior high school students which contributes substantially to their educational and occupational development. Students learn technical tasks and employability skills validated by business and industry representatives in cooperation with high school, technical college and university instructors. The student attends school part of the day and works part of the day. A teacher supervises this arrangement in one of the following areas: agriculture, business, family and consumer, marketing, or technology education.

The student's job is matched with a career interest in one of these areas. The student also takes a high school course in the related area; this course may be eligible for transfer credits to a technical college or four-year college.

The Cooperative Education Skill Standards Certificate Program encourages students to move through a series of learning activities with opportunities for career exploration, further learning, and employment skills based on state standards.

A student involved in certified skills co-op receives high school credit for the work experiences and the related school class and a certificate of proficiency in the technical area.

Please refer to the Cooperative Education Skill Standards Certificate Program Guidelines as a resource for the implementation of Wisconsin's Cooperative Education Skill Standards Certificate Program.

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