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Kimberly High School

Monday, March 20, 2017

Rube Goldberg Teams at Kimberly High School Bring Home 1st and 3rd Place at Regional Competition


Both Mechanical Design/Rube Goldberg teams from Kimberly High School (KHS) brought home awards from STEM Forward’s Wisconsin Regional Rube Goldberg Machine Contest on March 3, 2017, at the Waukesha County Technical College (WCTC). Twelve high school teams, comprised of over 180 Wisconsin students, participated in the competition.

“The students at Kimberly High School designed machines, each with a unique, fun theme that ran really well. They were easy to follow and incorporated everyday objects to complete this year’s challenge of applying a Band-Aid in 20 or more steps,” said Kelly Wesolowski, Program Manager at STEM Forward. “That’s what set their machines apart from the rest, and ultimately, led to their success.”

“The Rube Goldberg Machine Class at Kimberly High School is a fun and creative way to introduce a large-scale design project to students,” said Kevin Janota, Technology Education Teacher and Rube Goldberg Machine Team Advisor at Kimberly High School. “This project is a great example of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education, where success is driven not only by what you know, but what you can do with what you know.”

The Kimberly Kitchen team brought home 1st place at the regional competition and advanced to compete nationally. The team also received the Safety Award. The Kitchen team consists of members: Sam Barwick, Kyle Downham, Carter Eckes, Rachel Foster, Logan Hartman, Stephen Littrell, Logan Paalman, Chris Thompson and Grant Zoromski.

In about 55 seconds, their machine applies a Band-Aid in 69 steps using a variety of scenarios and materials found in a kitchen. The Kitchen team will compete against teams from across the country at the Rube Goldberg Machine National Contest on March 25, 2017, at the Center of Science and Industry in Columbus, Ohio.

The KHS Barbershop team created a machine that performs 75 steps to apply a Band-Aid. This team brought home 3rd place at the regional competition as well as the Most Creative Use of Materials Award. Members of the Barbershop team are: Nicholas Beck, Jacob Krueger, Max Lom, Hunter Pettey, Brett Schreiber, Noah Titera and Max Volk.

The team members learned to work as an engineering team and go through the design process and present their outrageously complicated solutions for a simple task. The Rube Goldberg competition gives students an opportunity to combine academics and a co-curricular activity to help them reach their potential and prepare for their future.

KHS had a successful event with both of the school’s teams earning awards for their engineering, design and team-building skills. “This project strongly encourages teamwork and complex thinking skills that will help prepare students for careers after school,” said Janota. “I think our success in the Rube Goldberg Machine Contest is just another way to reinforce a common message we try to pass on to all students, and that is to embrace a challenge and to do your very best for yourself and for others.”