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Little Chute Youth Apprentice Loves Her Career Choice!

Friday, May 28, 2021

Today’s success story comes from the Little Chute Career Pathways Academy (LCCPA) and its LCCPA News monthly newsletter. It is reprinted with permission from LCCPA.

Hello, my name is Kyra Lefeber, and I am a senior at Little Chute Career Pathways Academy. I play softball, I am in NHS, HOSA, and LCCPR. Currently, I work as a CNA at St. Paul Elder Services. I’ve always had an interest in working in the healthcare field ever since I was young. I also love science.

When I first started at the Career Pathways Academy, I heard some older students talking about being a CNA, and I knew it was something I wanted to do as an introduction to the healthcare field.

As a sophomore, I took the CNA class, and I will be reaching my two-year mark working as a CNA at St. Paul Elder Services this coming June. Right now, I work on the locked dementia unit in the nursing home part of St. Paul.

At first working down there was not an easy task. There were a lot of behaviors, and it could be scary. Even now working on that unit is sometimes incredibly difficult. However, I found out very quickly that I have the heart (and the much-needed patience) to work on that type of unit.

My favorite thing about working on the dementia unit is being able to make people laugh and smile with a quick bad dad joke, small dance move, or just by giving them a hug. Working at St. Paul has helped me realize just how much I love the healthcare field and helping people.

The advice I’d give to incoming freshmen is don’t be afraid to be a self-advocate. I was able to get myself in the CNA class and an AP class as a junior because I advocated for myself and got myself scheduled for them.

Next year I will be attending UW-Eau Claire for their pre-medicine and nursing programs. I hope to become a pediatrician or a nurse practitioner that works in pediatrics.