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Menomonie High School

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Menomonie High School’s Career and Technical Education department works closely to promote CTE through its annual CTE Day, the Smart Girls Rock! afternoon, and its dynamic summer school offerings. Every fall we host our annual CTE day, which is actually an outdoor morning assembly. Students from all of our CTE areas display outdoor exhibits that represent Career and Technical Education. These exhibits include farm animals; agriculture and construction equipment; student projects. We also have representation from local businesses, post-secondary education institutions, and a disk jockey to entertain the students that join us for the event. CTE Day is embraced by the entire school as a successful promotion of CTE.

Our school also holds a Smart Girls Rock! afternoon, which is an event designed to promote and highlight female involvement in STEM education. High school girls who are interested in CTE have the opportunity to participate in events facilitated by community female volunteers who work in STEM related industries.

Lastly, we have developed a number of summer school courses that focus on areas of CTE geared towards our elementary and middle school populations.