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Career & Technical Education

Dear CTE teachers, coordinators, and administrators,

This past school year, the pandemic tested us all. Educators were called upon to juggle in-person, virtual, and hybrid models of teaching while often parenting at the same time. But you stepped up, adapted to new ways of teaching, and showed just how resourceful you are!

Summer is here. Take a breather. You have really earned it!

And then when you’re ready, begin to consider how last year may affect the coming year. You might want to look over, “CTE Strong: Reimaging CTE After a Pandemic Year.” This article can help organize your thoughts around topics like:

  • Reassessing labor market alignment
  • Preparing students for the emerging workforce
  • Committing to equity
  • Embracing innovative tools and delivery models

Developed by the Association for Career & Technical Education (ACTE), it addresses the landscape emerging from the pandemic, including both challenges and opportunities for your program.

Want to refresh your CTE recruitment program? Advance CTE has new research on communications that can help you target messages to engage audiences most effectively.

This coming year may feel a bit different as we move back into the classroom. But you made it. And you’re stronger and smarter for the experience. Now move forward to prepare for a new and better year!

Watch for a professional development series focused on career readiness along with all the elements associated with quality career and technical education. We want to help kick start your year and be along for the journey in 2021-2022! We will post a calendar here later this summer!

Your Wisconsin CTE Team 

Learning that works for Wisconsin

CTE components of a high quality program
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Career and Technical Education (CTE) in Wisconsin develops students who are prepared for postsecondary education and career success. CTE teachers are critical in preparing the next generation of students for success in the global workforce. A high quality CTE program enhances family, business, and community engagement. 

More information on why a high quality CTE program is essential in getting students college and career ready

What is a high quality CTE program in Wisconsin?

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Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs prepare individuals for a wide range of careers that reflect the contemporary workplace.  CTE adds to our students’ education and success. As we strive to prepare every Wisconsin student to be college and career ready, CTE provides our greatest collective opportunities for creating a skilled, knowledgeable, and productive future workforce. CTE teachers are well equipped to know what and how kids should learn.

A high quality Career and Technical Education program consists of three main components to achieve college and career readiness. The three components include: academic and technical skills; leadership through CTSOs; work-based learning.

View full CTE brochure here.