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Cyber Security Webinars

You have been hit by a cyber attack

You Have Been Hit By a Cyber Attack: What do you do?

What can you do if your organization is the victim of a cyber attack?  Join this interactive conversation with Bill Nash, WI Chief Information Security Officer, and Annette Smith, WI DPI Director of Instructional Services, who will share the latest statistics, best practices, and state resources that can be used if you are the victim of a cyber attack. *To view, click on the picture above, you will be redirected to the University of Wisconsin*


Securing the Hybrid Classroom Data, Networks and Applications

Securing the Virtual Classroom Meetings Identity, Devices and Email


October 29th, 2020: Top 5 things all schools can do quickly to help improve their cybersecurity posture

How do you eat a cyber security whale? One bite at a time! Cyber security can feel like an overwhelming task. But every journey starts with a first step. Come learn 5 easy first steps all districts can take tomorrow.


October 14, 2020: Creating a culture of privacy and security

Protecting school district data has moved beyond just the role of your local technology department. Every person in the district has privacy responsibilities. With hackers more sophisticated than ever, empowering your staff and students with ways they can feed into creating a district culture of privacy and security is one of the best ways to protect student data. Working together we can create an environment where everyone holds a piece of the student privacy puzzle.




February 4th and 5th, 2020

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and the state CESA's partnered on a two day event where over 100 schools and CESA's came together both virtually and in person to talk about data privacy and cyber security.  Each day contained the same conversation, with one day focusing on districts that have departments of 3 staff or less and one focusing on districts that have departments with more than 3 staff.  You can find the recordings from each day below.

Tech departments with 3 staff or less Tech departments with more than 3 staff
Session One: Data Privacy Practices Session One: Data Privacy Practices
Session Two: Data Security Practices Session Two: Data Security Practices
Session Three: Cyber Security Practices Session Three: Cyber Security Practices


November 20th, 2019

On November 20th 2019 the Wisconsin Department of Instructions hosted an online panel discussion on cyber and data security. This informative webinar featured technology leaders from around the state including Dr. Brian Casey, Director of Technology for the Stevens Point School District, Jen Lotze, Instructional Technology Coordinator for the Hudson School District, Bill Nash IT Security Security Program Director, Wisconsin Department of Administration, and Dr. Annette Smith, Director of Instructional Technology Services for the Wisconsin Department of Instruction, discussing the challenges school districts face, as well as sharing some strategies and resources utilized to help districts in this ongoing challenge.


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