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Wisconsin DECA Middle School

Every year high school students across the state of Wisconsin are faced with that famous question: "What is DECA?" The only way to truly find out the answer to that question is to join the organization and experience all the great things that DECA has to offer. By starting DECA programs at the Middle School Level, we ensure that students are educated about DECA when they enter high school.

Benefits of Starting a Middle School DECA Program:

  • Starting DECA programs at the middle school level will directly increase chapter numbers at the high school level.
  • The earlier students are familiar with DECA, the more prepared and successful they will be in high school competitions.
  • Middle school DECA is a great opportunity for high school students to learn real world leadership skills.

Important Resources for Middle School DECA Programs:

Middle School DECA Success Stories:

Preble Futures DECA

During the 2013-2014 school year, Green Bay Preble High School started DECA programs at two of the local middle schools called “Preble Futures DECA”. Bi-weekly meetings were held and structured similarly to DECA meetings at the high school level. Between the two schools, Preble Futures DECA had a total of 30 members. In January of 2014, a competition was held between the two schools to replicate a district competition. The program was a great success! When asking the students whether they would participate in DECA at the high school level, 100% said that they would join the program. This means that Preble High School will have at least 30 more new members for the next three years!  

Green Bay Preble MS DECA 2014


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