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A Message from State Superintendent Carolyn Stanford Taylor

With an emphasis on creating equitable and engaging learning environments, the Wisconsin Digital Learning Plan (Plan) serves as an important roadmap for effectively using technology inside – and outside – of classrooms.

My vision, and that of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, is to ensure every child graduates, college and career ready. To fulfill this vision, we must make sure our students have what they need to learn at the time they need it.

carolyn standford taylor talking with a student who is working on a laptop in a library as a teacher looks on

The Plan assists educators in making learning more accessible and meaningful for all students. The digital learning strategies outlined promote students’ abilities to critically think, collaborate, solve real-world problems, and grow organizational skills. The Plan also encourages teachers to use their time efficiently by increasing the focus and quality of the resources available.

In an evolving world full of boundless opportunities, leveraging technology is one of the keys to unlocking the limitless potential within our students. The DPI remains committed to offering continuous support to Wisconsin educators and sharing the most productive practices in lifelong, digital learning.

I am grateful to the educators, community leaders, and stakeholders who were engaged in the development and implementation of the Wisconsin Digital Learning Plan.

Carolyn Stanford Taylor

Wisconsin State Superintendent