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Digital learning requires changes in the way instructional time is used and in the ways learning spaces are designed. As learning priorities change, school districts must make modifications to meet the needs, pace, interests, and preferences of the learners.

This Gear is composed of the following Future Ready Elements:

space time place

  • Flexible Learning; Anytime, Anywhere
  • New Pedagogy, Schedules, and Learning Environment for Personalized Learning
  • Competency-Based Learning
  • Strategies for Providing Extended Time for Projects and Collaboration

Guiding Questions for Planning

  • Does the district encourage and inspire teachers and district leaders to be innovative in order to respect the shift in the way learners are learning?
  • What policies and procedures in my district remain significant barriers to achieving flexible, anytime, anywhere learning in our schools?
  • What stakeholders should be involved in discussions around possible changes to existing physical spaces, class schedules, and innovative environments for learning?
  • How might local partnerships and collaboration leverage resources to allow for more creative learning environments?
  • How can school districts apply the concepts of improving Space, Time and Place to professional learning initiatives as well as to student-centered learning?