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Start College Now

New Program: Start College Now

"Start College Now" will allow high school students the opportunity to take college courses at Wisconsin Technical Colleges. Statute 38.12(14) lays out all the aspects of the program. In keeping with the statute, the pupil notifies the school board of the school district in which the pupil resides of his or her intent to attend a technical college under this subsection by March 1 if the pupil intends to enroll in the fall semester and by October 1 if the pupil intends to enroll in the spring semester. This is done by turning in the Start College Now Application to the school counselor of the school in which the student resides. Time and date indication on the application is recommended. If the student is "Open Enrolled" in a school in which they do not reside, it is suggested the two schools involved collaborate on the approved application.

When helping students find the appropriate course, please reach out to the Career Prep Coordinator at the technical college in your high school district to help with planning. Once the course is approved by the high school's board, the specific section and modality can be secured.

Feel free to contact Ann Westrich with questions; (608) 261-4588 or or feel free to contact the Career Prep Coordinator at your connected Technical College.

For questions about this information, contact Karin Smith (608) 267-3161