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Getting Your Child Ready for Kindergarten

Many parents want to know how to help their child do well in Kindergarten. In Wisconsin, children are eligible for kindergarten based on their age and not on their skills. Instead of equipping children with specific academic skills before they arrive, most early childhood experts agree that parents can best prepare their child to learn in school by providing frequent opportunities to play, talk, experiment and wonder in a relaxed and supportive environment. Children grow and develop at different rates, but are born with a great capacity to learn. Following are some useful resources to help parents build a strong foundation for school.

The Truth About Play The national Zero Three organization has numerous articles about play.

For Parents of Children with Special Needs

  • Wisconsin Statewide Parent-Educator Initiative (WISPEI) at A free service to help parents, educators, and others find or create resources and build positive working relationships that promote learning for children with disabilities.

For English Language Learners

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