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Kindergarten Entry and Placement

Kindergarten Entry and Placement: Over the past several years there has become increasing concern at attitudes and practices which erode children's legal rights to enter public school and participate in a beneficial educational program. These unacceptable trends in kindergarten entry and placement have resulted from increased demands on young children; including:

  • Inappropriate use of screening and readiness testing
  • Denial or discouragement of entrance for eligible children
  • The development of segregated transitional classes for children deemed unready for the next traditional level of school
  • An increasing use of retention

The National Association of Early Childhood Specialists in State Departments of Education (NAECS/SDE) has developed principles for kindergarten entry and placement including: children should be enrolled in kindergarten based on their legal right to enter, retention is rejected as a viable option for young children, tests used at kindergarten entrance are not used to create barriers to school entry or to sort children into homogeneous groups, and children are welcomed, as they are, into kindergarten settings.