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Administrative Rules Hearing – PI 34 (Educator licenses)

Event Date

Friday, December 3, 2021 - 10:30 a.m.
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Event Description

Preliminary public hearing and comment period to consider promulgation of administrative rules under the following statements of scope:

SS 103-21: A proposed rule to amend ch. PI 34, relating to grade ranges for school administrators and speech-language pathologists
SS 104-21: A proposed rule to amend ch. PI 34, relating to tier I, 3-year school district-sponsored license with stipulations
Pursuant to s. 227.135 (1), Stats., a statement of scope is prepared in advance of any rule that an agency plans to promulgate. A preliminary public hearing and comment period on a statement of scope does not relieve the agency of its obligation to hold an agency hearing on proposed rules after proposed rules are available for review. When a proposed rule is available for review, the department will conduct additional public hearings on the proposed rule.

The Department will hold the public hearing by teleconference only. Written comments received no later than the date of the hearing will be given the same consideration as testimony presented at the hearing.

A copy of the scope statement is available on the department's Administrative Rules webpage. Written comments on the statements of scope may be made via the Legislature’s webpage for submitting public comment. Questions or additional testimony on the rules may be sent by email to the department’s administrative rules coordinator.


Conference call only
+1 608-620-9781, Phone Conference ID: 951 697 83#


Carl Bryan, Administrative Rules Coordinator
(608) 266-3275