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State Superintendent’s Advisory Council on Special Education

Event Date

Friday, September 23, 2022 -
10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
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Event Description

The Wisconsin Council on Special Education provides policy guidance to the Department of Public Instruction and its Division for Learning Support in matters related to the education of all children with disabilities in Wisconsin.


Welcome New Members

Public Appearances

Review Minutes of Meeting 334

Idea Complaint and Due Process Hearing Findings & Decisions

Special Education Team Director’s Report

1. Staffing Updates/Introduce New Employees
2. OSEP Updates/Regulations
3. DPI Updates
4. Grant Updates
5. Bulletins & Guidance

Correspondence/Chairperson’s Report

1. Welcome New Members
2. Annual Report
3. Review Public Forum Processes
4. Council Chairs Vote


Special Topic: Indicator 8 Family Engagement Survey Results

Special Topic: Family Engagement and Navigating Special Education and IEP Processes

Special Topic: Mental Health Supports and Resources

Old Business

1. Suggested Agenda Topics for December’s Meeting
2. Council Member Reports and Issues
3. 2022-2023 Meetings Calendar
4. Discuss Preferences: In-Person Council Meetings or virtual for 2022-2023


1. Public Forum
2. 38th Annual State Superintendent's Conference on Special Education and Pupil Services Leadership

Public Appearances



Department of Public Instruction – Virtual via Zoom
Members of the public are asked to register at


Rita Fuller
Family Engagement Education Consultant
(608) 266-5194